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Maggie Armstrong grew up enchanted by her father’s tales of blood feuds and border raids. In fact, she could have easily fallen for the man portrayed in one particular image in his portrait collection. Yet when her father reveals he was himself an infamous Border reiver, she finds it a bit far-fetched—to say the least—especially when he announces his plans to return to his sixteenth century Scottish home with her in tow.

Suspecting it’s just his way of getting her to accompany him on yet another archaeological dig, Maggie agrees to the expedition, only to find herself transported four hundred and fifty years into the past. Though a bit disoriented at first, she discovers her father’s world to be every bit as exciting as his stories, particularly when she’s introduced to Ian Rutherford, the charming son of a neighboring laird. However, when her uncle announces her betrothal to Ian, Maggie’s twentieth-century sensibilities are outraged. She hardly even knows the man. But a refusal of his affections could ignite a blood feud.

Maggie’s worlds are colliding. Though she’s found the family she always wanted, the sixteenth century is a dangerous place. Betrayal, treachery, and a tragic murder have her questioning whether she should remain or try to make her way back to her own time.

To make matters worse, tensions escalate when she stumbles across Bonnie Will Foster, the dashing young man in her father’s portrait collection, only to learn he is a dreaded Englishman. But could he be the

hero she’s always dreamed him to be? Or will his need for revenge against Ian shatter more than her heart?




When and where do you prefer to write?

This doesn’t sound very professional, but my favorite place to write is stretched out on my couch with my lapdesk. I have a really comfy sofa in my den with my desk behind it, so I’m able to keep all my research materials on the desk and get comfortable on my sofa. I think best when I’m relaxed, so it works for me.

Do you need peace and quiet when you are wrting?

Not at all. When I was growing up, I learned to study with the world going on around me, whether it be the tv, radio, or just conversation. It’s a talent that served me well when I went to college, and later, when became a librarian as well. It also meant I could write anywhere and anytime I wanted or had a moment to do so, from the dentist’s office with the kids to the den with the tv blaring. It certainly has been a useful skill, because you never know when that perfect scene will strike.

If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

That’s a tough one. There are some great authors I would love to write with, and I’d be thrilled to write with any of them. I would like to try a historical mystery at some point though, so I think it would be a terrific learning experience to co-write something with Victoria Thompson. I can’t get enough of her Gaslight Mystery series.

Say someone asks if they can use your name in a book. Would you rather be the ‘good one’ or the ‘bad one’?

Hmm, they both present intriguing possibilities, but I’d probably have to go with the ‘good one’, so long as they’re not too good. I like characters that are imperfect, so the good one but with a few flaws.

Who would you like/have liked to interview?

I think Benjamin Franklin or Teddy Roosevelt. They seem like they were both quite the characters and would probably make for fun interviews. Of course, having an opportunity to interview a real live border reiver would be a hoot too.

Where can I find you when you are reading?

Same place you’ll find me when I’m writing, only curled up with a real book. That being said you could probably find me anywhere, from the train station to the doctor’s office or soccer practice. My motto is have book, will travel.

Where can I find you wen you are not writing/reading?

Most likely in the kitchen raiding the refrigerator, but if not there, then in a library or historical society doing some research either for a book or my genealogy. If not there, then maybe having lunch or going to a concert with some friends.

What goes through your mind when you hold your new book in your hands for the first time?

Wow! I actually did it. My son expressed it best when he saw my first book. He said simply and succinctly, “It’s a real book.” Opposed to what I’m not sure, but I get what he meant. Just seeing my pages of notes and memos, dialogue and narrative, transformed from a computer file to an actual book gave me a unique feeling of accomplishment. It was almost as if it had legitimized my efforts. I was actually a published author, and I couldn’t wait to start on my next book.

How do you come up with a title for your book?

Generally, the title doesn’t come until I’m well into the book. Somewhere along the way, I’ll come upon a word or phrase that seems to embody the story. That’s when I know I’ve found my title.

How do you pick a cover for your book?

I use the same method for the cover as I do for the title. Images will come to mind either as I’m writing or doing research. For Thunder on the Moor, the peel tower loomed large in my imagination. When I’ve got a few images in mind, I turn it over to my cover designer and she takes it from there.

Thank you, Andrea Matthews and The Coffee Pot Book Club


About the Author 

Andrea Matthews is the pseudonym for Inez Foster, a historian and librarian who loves to read and write and search around for her roots, genealogical speaking. In fact, it was while doing some genealogical research that she stumbled across the history of the Border reivers. The idea for her first novel came to mind almost at once, gradually growing into the Thunder on the Moor series. And the rest, as they say, is history…


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