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The Multiverse Investigations Unit – fighting crime across the Multiverse

Alex Strand is finding her way as the newest and most ginger member of the University of Berkeley Physics Faculty.

But when the murder of reclusive internet billionaire Claire Pope proves insoluble, she’s recruited to the top-secret Multiverse Investigations Unit.

Hidden in the parking lot of San Francisco Police HQ, the unit investigates murders by sending officers to parallel universes in which the victim is still alive – for now.

Alex needs to prove herself. With the help of the mysterious Sarita Jones, the bizarrely-bearded Sergeant Mike Long and Schrödinger the quantum cat, can she track down the murderer, prevent the same crime from happening in a parallel version of San Francisco, and get back before closing time?




– When and where do you prefer to write?

I’ve spent quite a lot of time over the last couple of years moving around in the hope of finding the perfect writing spot. I even followed my cat around the house in the knowledge that I knew she could sniff out a warm, private spot. But I’ve now worked out that the place where I’m most productive as a writer is my local library. It’s where I am right now.

– Do you have a certain ritual?

I have a Spotify playlist I listen to when I’m writing. I’m not sure if it actually helps me to write, or if it’s just the association my subconscious has with it. Sometimes (especially during exam season) it can get a little noisy in the library, so I put in my noise-cancelling earbuds, stick my playlist on, and away I go.

– Is there a drink of some food that keeps you company while you write?

I take a break for a cup of tea at the end of each chapter, but not before plotting the next chapter first. That way, when I sit down again, I know exactly what I’m going to write.

– What is your favourite book?

It’s so hard to find just one that I could rank above all others. My new book, Murder in the Multiverse, is a physics-defying mystery. My favourite recent mystery which also bent some laws of physics was The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. The way the author used interwoven storylines and timelines was masterful.

– Do you consider writing a different genre in the future?

I already have! I write thrillers as Rachel McLean, and have published six books under that name. Murder in the Multiverse is my first book as RE McLean, and my first mystery.

– Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know?

Schrödinger the quantum cat in Murder in the Multiverse is partly based on my own cat Dizzy. Unlike Schrödinger, she doesn’t have a habit of dying (and then coming back to life) in cardboard boxes. But, just like Schrödinger, she can be very grumpy, and does a mean ‘where are my biccies’ stare.

– Do you take a notebook everywhere in order to write down ideas that pop up?

I never go anywhere without a notebook. On holiday last year I was accosted by a story idea while walking around a medieval French village, and I just had to find a pavement café so I could sit down and write out some notes. And my son had a dream (about our cat being a serial killer) the other night, and I wished I kept a notebook by his bedside as well as mine, as it gave me a great story idea.

– Which genre do you not like at all?

I don’t generally read Romance, although I can be persuaded to read romantic suspense.

– If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

If he was still alive I’d have loved to write with Douglas Adams. He was so creative. And I could have helped him stick to deadlines – he was famously awful at that, and his publisher would lock him in hotel rooms to write when a manuscript was due.

– If you should travel to a foreign country to do research, which one would you chose and why?

My Multiverse Investigations books will be mainly set in San Francisco, which I have visited but not for a while. If I have the budget, I’d be on the first flight out of Heathrow!

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Greetings, budding Multiverse Investigator!

My name’s RE McLean and I’m the author of the Multiverse Investigations Unit books and stories.

When I’m not fighting off quantum cats, jumping between parallel universes and wondering how my character got turned into a ten-foot rabbit, I spend my time geeking out with my two sons, laughing at my (very stupid but totally unquantum) cats and planning the next story.

Do YOU have what it takes to become a Multiverse Investigator?

Join Alex Strand and her team of oddballs as they hop between universes, solve crimes, and always get back before closing time. And find out how Alex’s cat Schrödinger became a quantum cat in his EXCLUSIVE origins story. All at


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