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Introducing Detective Ray Logue. A renegade, hard living & damaged cop. Full of Irish charm & the best detective in Port Ard. D

etective Ray Logue has become something of a maverick in Jim Mulcahy’s police department, having never quite got over the death of his wife 12 years earlier.

Now a hard-drinking loner and occasional loose cannon, Logue is a thorn in Mulcahy’s side, who occasionally crosses the fine line of taking the law into his own hands to see justice served.

As the body count starts to rise, Logue suspects he may have stumbled into a dangerous web of lies and cover-ups, stretching from his own department all the way to the very top of the political spectrum.

From the law-enforcers to the law-makers, from respectable businessmen to Russian mobsters – a sinister hand is exercising an iron grip across the whole social order and it will destroy anyone who dares get in its way.




Logue talked to the barman about various issues such as football for an hour or so and then tried to steer the conversation around to more pressing matters.

“How long are you working here?” Logue asked.

“About a year.”

“Do you get mainly a young crowd in here?”

“Yea mainly, especially at the weekend.”

“I’d say trade is good with all the building work going on around the town. There would be plenty of thirsty lads in here on a Friday and Saturday night.”

“Yea, lots of lads from the building sites all right. Plenty of Polish lads.”

“Are they any trouble when they get drunk?”

“Generally they are fine. A few scraps now and then. The local Irish lads cause more bother to be honest.”

“I suppose you get to know the regulars.”

“Yea, I would know some of them.”

“The reason why I ask you is that I have a plumbing company and I had arranged to meet some of the Polish lads that work for me here this evening for a few pints. They told me they drink here quite a lot. I suppose they found something better to do than hang out with the boss. Maybe you know them, Gustav Walinski and Dominik Brosz?”

“I know a Polish guy who comes in here quite a bit, a guy called Dominik all right. He is often with his girlfriend, a good looking tall blonde woman. I’m not too sure of his surname.”

“Yes sounds like that could be Dominik and Anna,” Logue said. “Dominik told me that he wanted to introduce me to a Russian friend of his called Vetrov. He said that he was a middle aged man, like myself, in his forties.”

“Vetrov? That must be Abram Vetrov. That’s him in the photo,” the barman said as he lifted down a framed photograph of Vetrov holding a trophy beside a pool table.

“He won the annual pool competition here last Easter. He is some pool player. He is incredible.”

Logue held the picture in his hands and looked closely at it. Vetrov had greying dark hair. He had a high receding hairline and a neatly trimmed goatee beard. It was hard to judge from the photo, but he looked tall and lean.

Logue turned to talk to the barman to ask him some questions about Vetrov. However, at that moment a large crowd of young women came in screaming and falling through the front door. They looked like the Hen Night from hell. While the young barman was distracted, Logue stuck the framed photo into his jacket pocket and swallowed the last of his pint.

“I think I’ll make a move before this shower comes in. I might call back later. Nice talking to you,” Logue shouted over.

He brushed by the drunken hens and moved quickly out the door before the barman noticed the photo was gone.

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About the author

Kevin McManus is an Irish author. He primarily writes Crime Fiction novels but also delves into writing poetry and short stories. He lives in County Leitrim in Western Ireland with his wife Mary and their dog Jack. He works by day as a secondary school teacher. Kevin has produced a series of novels featuring an Irish Detective called Ray Logue and a series based around a New York Detective called John Morrigan. His debut novel published in 2016 was “The Whole of the Moon”. In a previous incarnation, Kevin was a bass guitarist in several rock bands for over twenty year. Kevin is a supporter of Aston Villa FC which has caused him to age prematurely.


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