Shimmer by Alan Meredith / #Extract #BlogTour @ZooloosBT


Lyla is having the worst year of her life and then her Mum announces they are moving to a strange new town.

The only silver lining is the signs that a cat has made itself home in the new house.

Lyla quickly finds out though that Shimmer is no ordinary cat….




I used to think water was flat. That’s one of the reasons it is hard to see. This water is not flat, it is made up of hills which, after you get over the first one, you find out there is a bigger one on the other side. I have been catty paddling for ages now but I have no idea if I have made any progress toward land. My Beth Compass keeps telling me I am on the right flooded track so I keep pawing water.

It’s dark now and I think I have made my last mistake. The living water has found a new game, hitting me. The water hills continued to get bigger and bigger until eventually they became water mountains and started to collapse. Collapsing onto me, burying me under the water. I swim hard each time and break the surface gasping for air. I am running out of cat power but the mighty water does not seem to be running out of energy or enthusiasm. I continue to be pummeled, mercilessly with rhythmic efficiency.

I just reach air before another water mountain collapses on top of me, but I succeed again and grab some precious air. This monstrous water does not know who it’s dealing with! I shall never give up! I will conquer it as I have defeated all who have challenged me on this journey. Water mountain, collapse and smash! I don’t reach the surface this time and everything goes black.

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About the Author

Alan Meredith lives in sleepy West Sussex with his wife and two children. He relocated there after suffering a psychosis back in 2000. Writing stories was a childhood love that he lost as he mistakenly believed that imagination had no place in the grown up world.

He likes taking reality and weaving fantastical elements into it. Alan’s writing reflects his belief that life is a journey of highs and lows and the idea that ‘life should be fair’ is an unrealistic expectation to give anyone, especially kids. If you are looking for the sugar coated ‘Happy Ever After’ you have come to the wrong place.


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