I Killed My Son-in-law! – Shay Mills / #Review @EricUnknown1

Some people have fantasies about killing someone. Yes, some do. What deters most from killing someone is their ability to feel remorse, but this story breaks that mold!

Vick is tired of his son-in-law’s abusive ways, punk ass mouth, and the way Tad disrespects his wife and daughters. He so desires to teach Tad a lesson. Follow Vick as he provides Tad with a much-needed course in humility that he will never forget.

This dark horse comedy oozes disgusting fun with a gruesome desire to drag on Tad’s death until the very end. Good versus evil are thrown out the window, and it will keep you cheering for the killer while you hold your breath. Darkly entertaining and comical! Join Vick on his comeback journey. Die Tad die!



My Review

First of all, I would like to say that I absolutely adore the cover of this book.  You see the rage in the eyes of the man and that’s exactly what this story is about.

The title says it all. This is about someone who killed his son-in-law and he explains not only why he does it but gives us every gory detail of how he does it. Maybe I should not have read the book after having eaten a spaghetti Bolognaise? 😉

But the book was not only bloody, it was also hilarious. That’s what makes is easier for me to read. Too much blood is not my cup of tea, but due to the way the author mixed both ingredients turned it into a great story.

Do you know the feeling when you are watching something on tv and you don’t want to see that scene, but you do want to know what is coming next and you are peeking through your fingers? That’s what this story made me do too. 4 stars.

Thank you, Derek Robinson and Shay Mills.


About the author

Shay Mills lives in Washington State and has been storytelling for over thirty years. He is a dedicated family man who loves the outdoors and enjoys the Pacific Northwest scenery.

After a successful military career, Shay Mills enjoyed retirement, but something beckoned him to put forth his stories on paper. His creative storytelling transports you into a world of fictional locations and engaging characters, while giving you the feel of watching a movie that playfully captivates the reader.


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Amazon US : https://www.amazon.com/I-KILLED-MY-SON-LAW-ebook/dp/B07FJLQKNS/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2CUZY9E99I5AS&keywords=i+killed+my+son+in+law&qid=1577041498&sprefix=i+killed+my+son+in%2Caps%2C241&sr=8-1