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Can One Daring Woman Light the Way to a New Era of Energy?Her electrifying idea could change the worldLindsey Harper Crowe is trying desperately to do right by her family’s 100-year-old energy business, yet everyone says she’s wrong.She’s despoiling the planet, according to her woke daughter, Missy, who has been protesting outside company headquarters. She’s ruining the iconic company, says her bitter ex-husband, Robbie, who desperately wants his old job back. She’s under investigation by theFBI for price gouging, along with other fossil fuel-based companies in the U.S. Ruthless hedge fund manager Harold “Hacksaw Harry” Crenshaw says she should just give it all up and go back to her old life of shopping and day-drinking.Undaunted but increasingly desperate, Lindsey resolves to fight back with the help of a jaded PR veteran, Marty McGarry. Together they conceive a high-risk scheme to forge a new identity for her and her business. Their gambit? Create a public demonstration of fusion energy, based on the process that powers the sun and the stars, by lighting the flame on the Statue of Liberty. 
If it fails, she could lose it all. But if it succeeds, she could be hailed as America’s Green Goddess.This amusing and insightful telling of the saga of Lindsey, the Crowe family, and their historic company takes satirical aim at upper class guilt, trendy socialism, corporate cynicism, climate politics, and Washington corruption.




About the Author 

Jon Pepper is a novelist and consultant based in New York City.

His latest novel, Green Goddess, is the third in his Fossil Feuds series, centered on the wealthy Crowe family’s New York-based energy empire as it struggles to adapt to modern times. Intra-family warfare, executive rivalries, crosstown competitors, and climate activists threaten to bring it all down. The Crowe family’s battles are sometimes petty, sometimes mean, but they’re also lively, amusing, and deeply human.

A native of Michigan, Jon won numerous awards as a national writer and business columnist for The Detroit News. He subsequently became the president of a media firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and an executive for two Fortune 100 companies before starting his own strategic communications agency, Indelable, in New York.

The first book in the series, A Turn in Fortune, focuses on insecure company chairman Robbie Crowe’s jealous rage over press acclaim for his highly successful CEO Walker B. Hope. A showdown looms; Crowe Power is big, but it isn’t big enough for the both of them.

Heirs on Fire, released in 2020, follows Robbie Crowe’s fight for respect and recognition while dealing with an estranged wife, a manipulative mistress, a takeover threat, and a possible revolt in his storied family. The New York Post called it “a clever corporate satire.” Kirkus Reviews recommended “Heirs on Fire” and said it was “wickedly funny.”

Lindsey Harper Crowe, the first woman leader in the company’s long history, is under pressure from climate activists, a hedge fund manager, and a business rival in Green Goddess. She needs to either find or convincingly fake common cause with her critics or she could lose the business. In recommending Green GoddessKirkus Reviews said the book was “a rollicking ride … as humorous as it is astute.”

Jon’s career as a journalist, executive and entrepreneur gave him a front row seat in the corner suites, estates, private jets, and first-class hotels where the business elite dwell. With an eye for human quirks and vanities, Jon captures the multiple dimensions of life in executive suites with entertaining accuracy.

“I’ve always loved good satires about the business elite and the various pressures that guide decision- making for better and for worse,” Jon says. “The goal of my books is to immerse readers in that world, make them laugh and make them think.”

Jon and his wife Diane, who designed the covers of his books, reside in Manhattan.


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