Night Driver – Marcelle Perks

Heavily pregnant Frannie is facing a crisis. An English woman living in Germany, her marriage is failing, her language skills are hopeless, and she feels like a fish out of water in a foreign country.
In a positive effort to tackle her problems she learns to drive so she can cope when her baby is born and build a sense of independence. After passing her driving test she drives in the early hours of the morning to gain experience on the eerily empty streets.
But when she encounters a Polish motorcyclist looking for his missing sister, she becomes sucked into a terrifying world of shady nightclubs, autobahn prostitutes and organ trafficking. And when she crosses serial-killing truck driver Stigelegger, there’s no turning back.
A most unlikely heroine, this nervous Night Driver must stay one step ahead of her pursuer on the darkest of roads in order to survive.
My review

Even bad guys seem to have a heart …

Wow, I have to catch my breath first. It was a very difficult for me. Let me explain you why.

When I read a book or watch something on tv, I always seem to feel what the victims are going through and I can assure you, the main character here was on a hell of a roller coaster. I wanted to keep on reading but regularly I had to put the book aside for a few moments because it was too much. The whole time I felt on edge. There was always a cloud of danger and menace hanging above and it was very dark.

The end of the story brought tears to my eyes. Some find their happiness in life, some take a different path …

If you are looking for a book that keeps you awake when you are a sensitive soul like me, you know which one to pick. 3,5 stars.

Thank you, Marcelle Perks, Urbane Publications and Love Books Group for letting me join the blogtour

About the Author

Marcelle Perks is a British author and journalist living in Germany. She specializes in writing sexually-themed guide books, but also writes short stories. As a film journalist, she has contributed to such publications as British Horror Cinema, Fangoria, The Guardian and Kamera. Night Driver is her thrilling debut novel.

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