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Lovecarnation Trilogy Book 1

Emotionally complex and gripping, author RKC Puthran brings you an unforgettable story of the transcendental power of love. Fresh out of college with an MBA and a job at a prestigious bank in the US, Rohan Rai seemingly has more than any twenty-five-year old Indian could have. But he has a different dream for his life, and a clear-cut plan to get there. A cocky workaholic determined to climb the corporate ladder as fast as possible in order to achieve his goals, he doesn’t care who he alienates on his meteoric rise to the top. Then he meets Shona. She’s everything Rohan’s not—an easy-going Irish girl who lives in the moment, loves Whitney Houston, and enjoys life to the fullest. Although there’s no room for any love in Rohan’s three-year plan, he finds himself increasingly drawn to her. As their relationship blossoms, Rohan slowly finds himself viewing life differently, until a past grudge escalates and his inner demons resurface. Torn between his ambition, his responsibilities, and love, he must now re-examine everything he believes in…or risk losing it all. Lovecarnation – The Promise is the heart-wrenching first book of the Lovecarnation trilogy, a thought-provoking series about fate, destiny, and the timelessness of true love.

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What do you do to unwind and relax?

I watch television and it is news most of the times (that’s only when my daughter permits me once she is done watching her cartoons).

I love motivational videos on YouTube and it is the go-to place for me whenever I am stressed or low.

How to find time to write as a parent?

Very difficult. I mostly write during the weekends as I have a full time job.

I have to shut myself up in my room with my 7 year old daughter banging the door every 30 minutes.

More often than not, I give in and open the door and there goes my writing schedule for the day.

When writing the final scenes of my novel Lovecanation – The Promise, I had to really concentrate and it was getting tough at home.

So I started going to my local library and it really helped, until one day when I got a message on my phone. It was my daughter writing from my wife’s phone.

The message read, “Daddy, do I not allow you to work at home? Why did you go to the library?”

I felt quite guilty. I do spend enough quality time with my family but perhaps I need to release my weekends a bit more for my wife and daughter.

Now that the writing is complete for Lovecarnation: Book 1 – The Promise, it is time for marketing and interviews and my weekends are still busy.

Hopefully once the book releases, my weekends will be a bit free for my family until I take up Book 2 in the series.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

Honestly I do not want to bracket myself into anything but if you insist, I think I am –




Writer / Creator


When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I was a voracious reader right from my childhood.

It was an advert in one of the newspapers during my college days that hooked my attention.

The advert read, “Why not be a writer?” I took up the course though never completed it.

I however started writing for national newspapers and can never forget the day when my first article was published. Thus the writer in me was born.

Do you have a favorite movie?

I mostly watch Bollywood movies being from India.

My favourite is psychological thrillers which have unexpected endings or stunning twists in the climax.

I like to be surprised.

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?

Definitely my upcoming novel LOVECARNATION Trilogy has all the potential to be a grand Hollywood movie.

I really wish to see the series on screen and hope some Hollywood production house shortlists my novel.

Please spread the word! J

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

There is inspiration in every animal just like there is in every human being.

I don’t have any favourite animal as such but if I have to choose, it will be the lion – just because of the sheer raw power and the aura that it exhibits.

Thank you, RKC Puthran and Silver Dagger Book Tours.


About the Author

RKC Puthran lives in Dublin, Ireland along with his wife Rashmi and 7 year old daughter Natasha.

Born and brought up in India, RKC started working as a teenager to support his family while pursuing his studies. His first job was that of a salesman for a sewing machine company.

Unable to sell even a single machine even after 2 months of hard work in the hot sun, the company

refused to pay him his salary and he quit. He then took up several jobs from working as a cashier in a 5 star hotel to working for a diamond merchant and in the share market.

Post-graduation, RKC joined a company in the banking and finance sector as a junior officer. Through sheer dedication and hard work, RKC rose through the ranks and managed to get an assignment in London.

He later managed to move over to London on a temporary contract banking job along with his wife for a short period before finally settling down in Dublin, Ireland with a full time job in a bank.

RKC’s intense passion for writing made him write short stories during his spare time though he never submitted any of them for publication. He however wrote articles of general interest which were published in the newspapers.

He co-authored 2 non-fiction books but he did not credit himself on the cover as he wanted his name to be on the cover of a novel first.

‘LOVECARNATION – THE PROMISE’ is RKC Puthran’s debut novel and the first book in the LOVECARNATION TRILOGY Series.

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