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My darling girl, I watch you playing outside in the grass. Your long blonde hair sweeps back and your blue eyes are bright with joy. You are utterly perfect, I never imagined something could be so wrong and I’d be powerless to protect you…

Ava’s daughter Carly is everything a ten-year-old should be: energetic, creative and the light of her parents’ lives. But when she starts stumbling down stairs and walking into doors, Ava wants to rush to the doctor. Her husband Rick is sure she’s fretting over nothing – kids can be a little clumsy sometimes. But Ava’s instinct is telling her something is seriously wrong.

Against Rick’s advice, Ava takes Carly to see a specialist and is given a devastating diagnosis: a rare genetic condition that will change her future forever. When Rick realises the truth, he is determined to do all he can to help Carly enjoy what light she has left. The close-knit family take it one day at a time, walking to the beach and watching the sunrise.

Just as Ava begins to imagine a new future for them all, a tragic accident throws their lives into chaos once more. To give her daughter a chance at a full life, Ava faces a devastating choice. How can she possibly choose between the two people she loves most?




My first book by this author and it won’t certainly not be my last one.

From the very beginning she captured my attention by the way she makes the emotions stream out of the pages. Whether she is talking about sadness, happiness, love, friendship, no matter which feeling she is describing, you can feel it deep in your heart.

You find the love of your life. You start a family and it all is like a dream come true. Unfortunately life is not only gifting you nice things. Sometimes it seems like it really really hates you.

Together as a family you are strong and you know you will climb out of this valley. The future is not quite laughing but definitely smiling at you again, but that’s a good thing, isn’t it? From now on the only way seems to be up…

This was a very beautiful story. The author must have spend quite some time doing research and I always applaud that. It makes the story so much more come to life.

What struck me was the maturity of Carly for such a young girl. The way she handled everything was almost otherworldly. I don’t think I would be able to handle it like she did. 5 stars

Thank you, Alison Ragsdale and Bookouture


About the author

A former marketing executive, originally from Edinburgh, Alison now lives near Washington D.C. with her husband and dog. She was educated in England and holds an MBA from Leicester University.


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