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Over 90 non-fiction activities for children

Writing is like a spell. It can melt hearts and fry brains, twisting and turning as the magic works.

Want the world to fall at your feet, destroyed by the might of your pen?

– Sharpen your powers of persuasion

– Sky-rocket your debating skills

– Add ooomph to your reports

– And lots more!

Packed with top tips, this awesome workbook has everything you need to know to become a WICKED WRITER.



Guest Post

Thanks so much for inviting me to join you today to chat about the inspiration behind my new kids activity book – Wicked Writing Skills.

My first creative writing book, Creative Writing Skills, is a best-seller and has now been translated into German and Italian, whilst the Spanish edition will be released in early 2021. That book focuses on fiction writing, i.e. what a parent would normally associate with “creative” writing, but I always wanted to build on this. 

Non-fiction writing is such an important skill, not just as part of the curriculum, but in life. However, it can feel a bit more daunting for many children, and as a parent myself I know it can be easier to suggest your children write a story, rather than challenge them to write a report or a set of instructions. 

So when I started planning Wicked Writing Skills, I knew I wanted to break down each of the key areas into simple stages that build on each other, exactly as I did in Creative Writing Skills. But instead of characters, settings, descriptive writing, dialogues, plans, etc, in Wicked Writing Skills we are exploring opinions, debates, persuasive writing, instructions, news reporting, and marketing. Of course, just because these are technically “non-fiction skills” doesn’t mean they can’t be creative.

As a result, the writing challenges themselves are specifically designed to be fun and often quirky, with a broad range of questions. These range from topics like “Is pasta good for breakfast?” or “Who would win a spelling bee, alphabetti spaghetti or a computer keyboard?” giving plenty of opportunities for strong opinions and silliness, regardless of the age of the writer. Other topics offer scope for a parent/ carer to continue discussions around the topic, such as “A twin is never alone”. There are also topics intended to stretch older writers, for example “Explain how to use social media to your great-great-great grandmother” or “Could we end disease?”.

I also wanted to make sure the key structural issues were included, for example using time markers and logical connectives. Practising incorporating these into their writing will help them in every piece of writing they do, regardless of topic or age! These are also aligned to the Key Stage 2 syllabus in the UK, which means the book is suitable for use by teachers, as well as those looking to home educate, but without coming across as a text book.

I really hope Wicked Writing Skills inspires youngsters and helps them gain confidence in every aspect of their writing, regardless of the format.

Thank you, Lexi Rees and Rachel’s Random Resources


About the author 

Lexi Rees was born in Scotland but now lives down south. She writes action-packed adventures brim full of witch-doctors, fortune-tellers, warriors and smugglers, combining elemental magic with hints of dystopia. She also writes fun activity books for children. 

Her fantasy adventure, Eternal Seas, was awarded a “loved by” badge from LoveReading4Kids. The sequel, Wild Sky, is available now. 

She’s passionate about developing a love of reading and writing in children and, as well as her Creative Writing Skills workbook, she has an active programme of school visits and other events, is a Book PenPal for three primary schools, and runs a free online #kidsclub and newsletter which includes book recommendations and creative writing activities.

In her spare time, she’s a keen crafter and spends a considerable amount of time trying not to fall off horses or boats.


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