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The Forest Lake Mystery and the Iron Chariot, first published in 1903 and 1909, are the founding works of #ScandiNoir. We’re making them available as English-language paperbacks for the first time. AMAZING OFFER: till 14 Nov, you can buy both for the price of one.


Voted the greatest Norwegian crime novel of all time

Set on a Norwegian holiday island, The Iron Chariot involves two violent deaths connected to a local ghost legend. The nameless narrator was the last person to see the first victim alive. The plot thickens when the second turns out to be a man believed to have died years earlier. Detective Asbjørn Krag arrives from the capital to investigate.

Written in 1909, the book remains hugely popular: it was recently voted the greatest Norwegian crime novel of all time, and Norway’s biggest crime-writing award, the Riverton Prize, is named after the author.

Bestselling Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo cites it as one of his favourite books, saying: ‘This is a classic Norwegian crime story… Riverton is regarded as the founder of the modern Norwegian crime novel and he is a great writer.’

This classic is published for the first time in paperback in English in new translations by Lucy Moffatt



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About the author

This pseudonym of Sven Elvestad was used as the name of Norway’s most prestigious crime ficton prize, the Riverton Prize. Born in 1884, he started his writing career as a journalist, turning later to stories about a detective based on police officers he had met, Asbjørn Krag. He also wrote crime stories about detective Knut Gribb under the name Kristian F. Biller, a series character who was later carried on by other authors. He died in 1934. One of his novels, Jernvognen (The Iron Chariot) was adapted by Jason as a graphic novel in 2003.



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