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Detective Eve Bennet Book 1

As day breaks over the Tanner family home, the house is deadly silent and the door is firmly closed. Upstairs, the whole family lie cold and lifeless in their beds. All with the same look of fear in their unblinking eyes…Detective Eve Bennet takes a steadying breath as she enters the main bedroom of the Tanners’ modest home in the tight-knit town of Hilldale, Utah. Mrs Tanner’s high-collared nightgown and her long plaited blonde hair are soaked in blood. Next to her, Mr Tanner’s hands are clasped together in a final prayer.Filled with dread, Eve forces herself towards the children’s rooms. But instead of two children, she only finds one. Where is the youngest daughter, Hannah? And why are there long scratches across the walls?Eve tracks Hannah down to her uncle’s house nearby. But he won’t let her step foot in the house. Eve knows what it’s like to be held captive by a family member, and fears for Hannah’s safety. What is he terrified Hannah might reveal?Back at the Tanner home, Eve makes a shocking discovery in the dust covered attic. Mr Tanner was hiding a dark secret from the rest of the community—the kind of secret someone would kill for.Realizing another family could be in danger, Eve runs from the house and stumbles into the path of the one man she spent years trying to forget— and he won’t let her get away this time. Can Eve escape the evil that has haunted her whole life? And will she catch the killer before another innocent family is murdered?




Wow this book was such an eye opener. I was shocked by the background story of Detective Eve Bennet. I knew those tight knit communities existed, but I could not imagine they way they worked. Kudos to the author for zooming in on this and draw the attention of the rest of the world to this. I understand they can make some of their own rules, but honestly some of their regulations are disgusting. 

I admire Eve for having found the strength to break free even though she still struggles with some things that happened in her past. She does not have a lot of family to fall back on, but her team is her rock. They protrect her, support her and love her. Together they battle the people keeping them from doing their job: unmasking a killer.

The community’s lips are sealed. Even worse: they try and do everything to hold Eve and her team back. No matter how hard they try though, Eve will find out who is behind all this even if her life is in danger more than once.

A very good start to a new series. I do wonder if Eve’s other cases will bring her to her home town again. 

In the first part of the book, the author gives us a lot of Eve’s history. It was very interesting, but I took my focus a bit away from the case. Maybe it would have been better to alternate a bit of info about Eve with the investigation in order to make it a bit easier to read, but that only my opinion of course. 😉

I was shocked, disgusted and horrified, but I also welcomed the warmth between Even and her team. 

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About the author

Holly Roberts began writing to alleviate stress in her day job, that of a homicide and sex crimes detective. Romance was her go to genre because she required a happy ending. She also touched on cozy mysteries and added six books to her forty book romance repertoire. Now that she’s retired and her mind at peace, she decided to delve into crime thrillers using her background and thirst for research to write the Eve Bennet series.

Holly has two movie/television options under her belt for her amazing life story. Part of the reason is Holly became a police officer at age 45 and led two high profile cases, one involving a serial killer. Now she enjoys the excitement of writing about crime while sitting at home with her two dogs, laptop, and a cup of hot tea close by.


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