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Sun, sea and a sizzling romance… the perfect holiday, right? Wrong.

After a work party gone disastrously wrong, Samantha suddenly finds herself jobless and jilted. So when her sister invites Sam to stay at her little whitewashed farmhouse on a Greek island, Sam leaps at the chance to escape. Before long, she’s trundling up the cobbled driveway, almost colliding with sexy neighbour Spyros.

It isn’t all sunshine and smiles though. For every afternoon spent lounging by the pool, cocktail in hand, there is a morning spent adjusting to life with boisterous six-year-old nieces. When Spyros invites Sam to explore the island with him she’s tempted, but with his carefree, live-for-the-moment attitude, he couldn’t be more different to Sam with her five-year plans and high-maintenance hair. One drink, as friends, couldn’t hurt though? Over glasses of fruity Greek wine and honey-sweet baklava, can he – and the other charming locals – help city girl Sam to appreciate the simple pleasures the Greek life has to offer?

Just as Sam is considering ditching her designer gear for good though, she runs in to an old flame from home, and suddenly her London life comes hurtling back. Can her smooth-talking ex convince Sam to return to the concrete jungle, or will the lessons she’s learned from her Greek escape persuade her to stay?




I have never been to Greece, but I recognized the feeling you get when the sun shines every day. Whether it’s there or in any other country where you can bask in the warmth life is so different compared to the rat race in the ‘colder’ countries. Everything is more laid back and why not. Life is worth so much more when you take the time to enjoy the things around you in stead of always working with no or little fun.

It’s hard in the beginning to adapt to that slower rhythm, but you will soon find out it suits you. Somewhere in your mind though you think you belong to your life at home. Where is home exactly? Is it where your house is or rather where you heart is?

Sam is about to find out what it means to her. After all family and good friends are always there whether they are near or far. It’s up to you to do what’s best for you. In this time and day they are only a phone call or a plane ride away.

As a public figure you feel like you always have to watch your step, but does that give people the right to judge you…? Looking back they maybe did you a favor or you would never have gone on this great Greek escape.

I loved this warm and sunny story. It was very well written and I wished I could have escaped too. Looking for something to make the sun shine, you really should pick this book.  5 stars.

Thank you, Sue Roberts and Bookouture.


About the author

Sue Roberts lives in Lancashire with her long term partner Derek and has had a lifelong love of writing, encouraged by winning a school writing competition at the age of 11.

She always assumed that ‘one day’ she would write a book, always having a busy household and a job, the idea remained firmly on the back burner but never forgotten.

The inspiration for her first novel came to her on a holiday to a Greek village. Her daughters had left home and suddenly the time had come to write that book!


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