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I look at my lovely girl. The child I always promised to keep safe, the child I know I’d love no matter what. I look at her and in that moment, my heart breaks into pieces. Because right now, I am not sure I know her at all…Julia’s daughter Grace is her whole world. To Julia, she’ll always be the little girl who would put her tiny hand in hers, who she could heal with the smallest kiss, who would trust her mother with everything.But Grace has changed since becoming a teenager. She’s fallen out with her childhood best friend and has become quiet and distanced. Julia wants more than anything to find a way reach her only daughter. Even if some days it seems impossible, Julia knows her lovely, sunny girl is still in there.Until today when Grace came home after school, covered in blood, and she’s refusing to speak, except to acknowledge that her former best friend is lying in a coma in hospital.Julia is forced to ask herself: what could Grace be hiding? She can’t believe her little girl could have done something terrible. But her instincts tell her that Grace is keeping a secret. And if it’s what Julia fears it might be, she could lose her fragile, gentle daughter forever.And – as another mother’s daughter fights for her life – Julia will have to ask herself, how far would she go as a mother to protect the child she loves with her whole heart?




Opposites attract they say, and that is true.

You do have to have some things in common. That’s the first step towards friendship, but when both people want to be in the limelight, I doubt the friendship will last. You need balance in any relationship.

The shy one will be able to lean on the confidence of the outgoing one and the loud one will be tempered by the quiet one. The practical one needs the spontaneous one, …

Sometime friends don’t have the same background or don’t move in the same circles and that’s when problems start appearing. When you want to become part of the popular group, it’s easier to deny your friendship to someone less popular, because you are afraid they won’t accept you anymore either.

Dealing with this is always a bit easier for an adult, but children and certainly teenagers can be so cruel. They don’t realise the damage they are creating and how hurtful it can be.

True friends should always stick together, but when something devasting happens friends can turn into enemies …

Old friends, new friends… But which are the ones you can count on in the end?

A very beautiful story that focusses on some ugly themes. I loved it. 5 stars

Thank you, Emma Robinson and Bookouture


About the author

Emma Robinson is the author of several women’s fiction novels. She also blogs about the funny side of parenting and has contributed to podcasts such as Funny Women. Whilst her early novels are humorous, her recent work focuses on emotional themes and these novels are both heart-breaking and life affirming. Emma enjoys writing stories which explore the power of family and friendship in the most challenging circumstances.

Emma currently lives in Essex with a husband, two children and a small black dog


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