Murder in Langley Woods – Betty Rowlands

A body is found near a picture-perfect Cotswolds village… but the upstanding local residents couldn’t possibly be involved, could they? 

Murder is the very last thing on Melissa Craig’s mind when one of her neighbours pops in to complain loudly about a minor local robbery. She’s far too busy thinking about her next book…

But when the evening paper lands, there is a shocking headline. A young woman’s body has been found in the nearby woods, and it seems the local robbery may offer a crucial clue. Suddenly the whole village is talking about the murder, but none of Melissa’s neighbours have come forward to say they know who the victim is. 

Convinced that the police have got the wrong end of the stick, Melissa can’t resist doing some more digging. When she finds a photograph of the dead girl at her former family home, she realises this is the clue she needs, if only she can find out who took the picture…

Melissa finds an exciting new lead and rushes to follow it. But might she be walking into a trap? Can she work out the truth before she puts herself in harm’s way? 



My review

Number 8 of the series and I really don’t tire of them. As I said before, not only the murder cases become more and more thrilling and intriguing, but the lives of the main characters develop in a very interesting way as well.

I will certainly miss reading about Melissa and the other protagonists at the end of the series, but fortunately I have some more adventures coming.

Once again the author has taken me by surprise. I had not one single idea how this plot would turn out and she totally chose an unexpected suspect.

I am afraid that I have a new favourite one, but let’s be honest : they are all more than worth reading.

These books are top of the bill in the cozy mystery novel genre. 5 stars.

Thank you, Betty Rowlands, Bookouture and Netgalley for the review copy.


About the author

Betty Rowlands burst on to the crime scene by winning the Sunday Express / Veuve Clicquot Crime Short Story of the Year Competition. Her success continued with her nine highly acclaimed Melissa Craig mysteries. She is an active member of the Crime Writers’ Association and regularly gives talks and readings and serves on panels in crime writing conventions.