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Tragedy comes in all forms, and you never know how you’ll deal with it. Four friends have all dealt with their fair share of struggles. Dillion, an aspiring writer with writers block because of his brothers sudden death, Jesse the emotional stunted drink thanks to his boyfriend’s suicide, Ivan the abused victim just looking for a place to call home, and Leo the stubborn romantic trying to get his friends to open up, while keeping his issues close to his chest. With these four friends, they avoid all their elephants in the room like a death card agreement between Dillion and Jesse, Ivan completely hoping his abusive lover with change or even Leo focusing on his friend’s problems instead of his own. Can these four friends learn to embrace and accept their own tragedy or will they be stuck in the past? Thirst Trap is a humorous coming of age novel dealing with sexuality, tragedy, substance abuse, and the most beautiful insane friendships.




Which character would you like to be in this book?

It’s hard because the novel is loosely based off of my friends and life in Chicago. I would say that if I needed to pick one it would be Dean. I think he continued to be supportive of of Dillion’s struggles. I think that is what I want to be as a boyfriend.

Do you always take a book/erader wherever you go?

I want to say yes, but I don’t read much. I have so many books on my bookshelf that I’m dying to read. I think between the books that I’ll start doing that more.

Say someone asks if they can use your name in a book. Would you rather be the ‘good one’ or the ‘bad one’?

Honestly, it depends. If we’re talking about a campy book then make me the horrible vile person. I always love the bitch of the story than the victim. I think I want to be the person that burst open the door and storm down the aisle of someone’s wedding and ruin the moment.

Do you prefer to read/write standalones or series?

It honestly depends. I think I love the idea of series because you get invested in these characters, and you don’t want to say goodbye, but I don’t want the plot to go downhill. I also like a happy ending, and I don’t want the be ruined.

Where can I find you when you are reading?

I have a chair in my bedroom that I would just sit and read novels or in my bed on my kindle. I would like to go to a coffee shop or even ride the train and read.

Where can I find you when you are not writing/reading?

Going out with my fiancé or drinks. I love the idea off going to a bar and laughing over a couple of drinks.

Can you walk past a bookstore without going inside?

No, I will always go in. I will always want to grab more and more books. My friend Henri always says he loves building his book collection. He goes it’s your library, and it should be a pile of books that you’ve never read before.

How do you come up with the names for your characters?

Honestly, I just scroll through Instagram and I’m like never used that name before.

Who would you like/have liked to interview?

I love interviewing. One of my dreams is to be on a podcast. I love two people talking and understanding each other. So, I would love to talk to another author on a podcast and pick each other’s brains.

If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

I don’t think I would ever want to co-write a book. I’m very control freak because I want to make all the decisions. I feel like we would fight constantly with someone about the ideas and path of the novel.

Thank you, Zachary Ryan and Emily The Book Nerd


About the author

Zachary Ryan grew up in a black-and-white box in Maryland, before moving to Chicago to start a new life. There, he found that he was accepted for his misfit status—and learned that it’s perfectly normal to spend your twenties feeling lost and confused. After a disastrous sexual encounter, Ryan stumbled on a group of true friends, or “soul cluster,” that he connected with. Through his writing, he hopes to help other broken souls out there find comfort amid the chaos.



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