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There’s life Before Baby and life After Baby. Any idiot knows that. I knew that. Except I didn’t know what life After Baby would really be like…

Georgie Henderson is discovering that in the twenty-first century being a Good Working Mum means answering emails at midnight while you pur�e vegetables, line up play dates and French lessons for your four-month-old daughter.

Georgie’s ex, Jase, gets 100 per cent of the credit for 5 per cent of the work, and her best friend, Nina, is on a ‘self-discovery’ journey that involves a young bartender and a plan to become an artisanal florist. And all Georgie’s mum wants is for Georgie to find a man. Preferably the one who is the father of her child.



My review

‘There is life before and after a baby’, says the author and I think everybody can wholeheartedly agree with that. You have seen other people’s children or did some babysitting, but in those cases you could always give the kids back to their parents after a short period of time. There are lightyears between that and having your own little ones.

You love them, of course, but sometimes you do wish you have a magic wand and could make them disappear for a while. You never imagined how much work they are, but they also bring a lot of joy.

Every mum should be able to make a choice : does she or does she not want to stay at home with her kids. It’s not because you go out to work that you do not love them, but it’s also true you miss out on a lot of little ‘first time’ things.

Whilst reading this book I often had to laugh because the author really has the knack for describing situations in a very funny way. It are situations I recognized and at the time you felt sometimes more like crying than smiling, but now the memory puts a smile on your face and you are like : ‘Yes, that happened to me too!’. The story is so real, it seems like you read parts of your own life as a new mum.

Going out to work does not make you a bad mum, staying at home does not make you a better mum. Choose what you feel the most confortable with and you will find a solution for everything. Happy mum makes happy baby.

If you are in the mood for a laugh, love and friendship, you are in for a treat. 5 stars.

Thank you, Lauren Sams and Legend Press.


About the author

Lauren Sams is a writer and author who has worked in magazines for ten years. She writes for Cosmopolitan, ELLE, marie claire, Sunday Style and Daily Life. She lives in Sydney with her husband, daughter and two dogs.

She’s Having Her Baby is her first book, and she is currently working on a sequel.

Elaine Benes is her spirit animal.

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