Just the two of us – Michelle Scott

Starla wasn’t trying to steal her older sister’s boyfriend. In fact, she was fighting him off when Janice caught the two of them alone in the dark. Unfortunately, love-struck Janice didn’t see it that way and tried to end her life. Although she didn’t succeed, her suicide attempt left her brain damaged, and it became Starla’s responsibility to care for her. Four years later, the sisters’ peaceful lives are interrupted when Nick, a handsome, young attorney, moves in upstairs. Seeing that Janice is attracted to him, Starla keeps herself out of the picture. After all, she hurt her sister before, and she’s not about to do it again. Yet as much as Starla tries to ignore her feelings for Nick, she can’t bury them entirely. Especially not when he seems to be choosing her over her sister.



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Inspiration Comes from the Strangest Places

When I was a little girl, I asked my mother where she got me from. She had several answers. One was that I was found under a cabbage leaf in a garden. Another (my favorite) was that she traded with a witch: candy for a baby. That made sense to me since I was born on Halloween. I used to thank my lucky stars that it was my mother who had raised me, and not the witch!

Now, when readers will ask me where my book ideas come from, I like to tell the same kinds of stories that my mother did: I find ideas like lost coins in a parking lot. Or they visit me in my dreams. Or they present themselves while I’m showering in the morning.

While these things can be true, I think that book ideas grow like plants do from seeds. I start with a single image, plant it in my imagination, and let it grow. Sometimes, it flowers and produces fruit. A lot of times, however, it withers. Then it’s back to square one. Plant the idea, watch it grow, and hope for the best.

Ideas can also change shape without my realizing it. Just the Two of Us, for example, started out as a cozy mystery. The main man, Nick, wasn’t even in the picture! I started with Starla, her antique shop, her best friend Jules, and an old footstool. Pretty soon, however, it was clear that the story wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, things got rather ridiculous. Then, out of nowhere, Nick appeared. He started off by complaining about Starla’s pink pig, Petunia, and lo and behold, I had my leading man. Once Nick and Starla stopped bickering and got to know each other, sparks flew and there was the love story.

This is one of my favorite parts of writing: you never know where the story is going to end up. As you watch it develop, you keep your fingers crossed and hope for the magic. When it all comes together, it is so satisfying! Maybe not as satisfying as trading candy to a witch for a baby, but still pretty good all the same.

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About the author

Michelle Scott received her MFA from Wayne State University. Her stories have appeared in such places as “Tales of the Unanticipated”, “All Possible Worlds” and “Realms”. Straight to Hell, the first book in her Lilith Straight urban fantasy series, is published by Carina UK, an imprint of Harlequin Romance. Michelle lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and three children.