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We were all at the party. Which of us wanted her dead?As the smoke from the bonfire spirals into the night sky and the cool drinks slip down our throats, none of us can take our eyes off Lacey. She dances in the dunes, her long golden hair damp from her late-night swim, her smile dazzling, her blue eyes closed.Everyone who is close to Lacey sits by the smoky fire. Her adoring boyfriend, who holds onto her, perhaps a little too tightly. Her little sister, always in Lacey’s shadow, sifting fine soft sand through her fingers, never taking her eyes off Lacey. And me. Sad and full of rage, after an argument forced the man I love to leave the party early.When the fire burns out, we stumble away from the beach, along the cliff path – faces burned by the wind, hearts full of secrets. But Lacey never makes it home. The next morning, her body is found in the sand dunes, a heart-shaped locket missing from around her neck.Who would have thought our beach party could end the way it did? Close friends gathered on the last night of a long hot summer – which one of us could have killed the girl everybody loved?




It’s always horrifying and sad when someone is found dead. Murdered. But it’s even worse when it’s someone you know.

It goes without saying that the police will investigate and turn every stone in order to bring justice. They do their utter best, but they are not every time successful, unfortunately. Sometimes the killer is never found and the mystery remains just that: a mystery.

After a while, it’s case closed, but not solved. The detectives are forced to move on and there is either not enough money or enough people to keep the investigation going. That’s a pity, of course. A killer is allowed to keep their freedom. The family never gets closure.

The police can do a press conference and ask the public for help. They know from experience though, they will get of lot of tips, but more often than not they are pretty useless. Time and money is being spend and they have not come one centimetre closer to putting someone behind bars.

That’s why the media takes in upon themselves to create programs about true crime. Maybe they are more successful because people are afraid to talk to the police. They fear that what they say can be used against them and they keep quiet. They feel more comfortable talking to someone they know and has known the victim too.

In comes Katie. Her friend Sophie convinces her to make a podcast that will be aired on the radio. The only thing Katie is not happy with is the case Sophie picked…

In the beginning the story was a bit confusing, but in a way that is a good thing. This is a perfect ‘trick’ to make the reader curious, to reel them in and to make them stay in order to find out the what, why and where. 😊

So you have to be patient and work your way through it. But when, in the end, you get a great book, then it’s all worth it, don’t you agree?

I like the set-up of the story and I was constantly thinking about who the baddie could be. I, for sure, did not see this coming. I was completely surprised when the name was revealed. Love it. 4 stars.

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About the Author

Amy Sheppard is a busy mum of two boys, living in Cornwall. Her obsession with making budget friendly family dinners, led her to writing two cookbooks. Amy creates recipes for her followers and for brands @amysheppardfood

Her debut novel is out in August 2022. A psychological thriller set in Cornwall called ‘The Beach Party’


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