The Day I Lost You – Alex Sinclair

You only let her go for a second… Now she’s gone.
Erika Rice is in an elevator with her four-year-old daughter Alice when all the lights go out. It jerks to a stop on a deserted floor of apartments and the little girl runs out into the corridor.

But before Erika can follow her the doors slam shut again. Now her daughter is nowhere to be seen.

Erika was about to take Alice away for a fresh start, far from her troubled past, when the child vanished. How could a four-year-old disappear into thin air?

And with no one to help her, will Erika ever find her daughter?



My review

When you have a small child, you need to have eyes on the back of your head as well, because when one thing happens, due to circumstances out of your control, you might lose the most precious thing you have …
I read this one in one go. From the first page I was hooked and you felt for Erika. Maybe she did not always make the best decisions, but there is no doubt in my mind that you can’t think clearly in her condition. You want to trust everybody who wants to help you because you are so desperate.
I was wondering where the story would go and I can tell you I did not see this twist coming.
I was thoroughly captivated by the book. So nothing but praise from me. 5 stars.

Thank you, Alex Sinclair, Bookouture and Netgalley


About the author

Alex Sinclair is a thirty-two-year-old psychological thriller author from a quiet country town outside of Melbourne, Australia. He currently works full-time for a small business and writes in the early hours of the morning before his daughter and wife wake up for the day.

Alex has a background in IT, bookkeeping, and 3D animation. He loves all things creative but especially loves writing. He is an avid reader of all genres, but loves psychological thrillers more than anything else. He also has a passion for good storytelling in all forms of media such as addictive TV shows and movies.