Elji and the Galrass – Colin Sinclair

Elji, a boy from a village outside the city of Mehem discovers a “Galrass” a tool usually wielded only by those who understand its power. Perhaps it was left for him to find or perhaps it was just a random happening?

The Galrass embroils him in a struggle he never expected to be part of or even imagined existed. Dregar, a being from a different planet and galaxy ‘feels’ the boys interruption of the universal essence and takes him under his wing and so his journey begins.

Friendships are made and lost and many lives must be put in danger to usher the civilization into its rightful place among the Universal essence. Will Elji fulfill his potential and help save his world or will it fall into darkness?



Guest post

I am happy to share an exclusive guest post written by the author. Enjoy!


Where the Essence sagas came from.

I remember many years ago, so long ago now that the number is quite large, having an amazing English teacher. He used to start one of our lessons every week by walking in, not saying anything and writing on the large blackboard, yes with chalk, and all the associated squeaking that went with it. He would write the beginning of a story that he had concocted in his mind and then would turn to us and say “Now, correct the Grammar and continue the story.”

That lesson was spent creatively thinking about where to take the story. We used to then take 15 minutes at the beginning of the next lesson to talk about all the ideas we had all had, run through the grammar, and build a story. At the end of each term we would spend time creating a book of short stories for all the school to read. It was an amazing feeling. It has stuck with me ever since and instilled a thirst in me that just has not gone away, ever!

Having reached a position in my life where I had more free time, well when the grandkids allow it, I felt it was time to get the ideas in my head down on paper, and so I started. I started by just writing something down that was in my head for about Ten minutes. I then reread it, put myself back in the position of being in school and began to write.

Five weeks later I had finished the first book in the Essence Sagas. It came out in a wave of ideas; characters, places, names and plot all in one go. I was astounded to say the least. It seemed to be something that I had just needed to do.

The flow of ideas came from a belief I have of how you can influence the way you live by the way you think and by not focussing in on negative, resentful thoughts. But embracing life in all its variety and believing that good will always come to you in the end.

Perhaps it’s a naive thought process, but that thought process led me to creating the possibility of the Essence lines and the influencing of others thoughts through either good or bad “vibes” for want of a better word.

Now I have a world, and a situation that I can travel through and explore the possibilities that exist form both a positive and negative perspective and how the characters can influence the evolution of a race by extolling the virtues of good and bad.

Oh! The possibilities.

Thank you, Colin Sinclair and LoveBooksGroup.


About the author

Colin lives just outside the city of York in the beautiful Yorkshire country side. He has been married for 32 years and has two children and grandchildren. He has been acting and singing on stage since he was a teenager and still today performs at the large theatres in the region both acting and singing in lead roles.

He is a gym enthusiast and has competed in natural bodybuilding competitions and also engages in many sports such as Badminton, Squash and Bouldering. He has two dogs which keep him busy walking through the countryside.

Before settling in Yorkshire he was brought up between the Middle East, where his parents worked in the Oil Industry and spending the rest of the time in the UK at boarding school. This is where his love for words came from and he has written poetry for many years.

He now has the time to pursue his passion of writing and has written his first book in a fantasy series that he says has been in his head for longer than he cares to remember.