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Carter Hills Band Book 4

In my world, darkness has a name. I’ve seen darkness. And looked straight into his eyes. I’ve lived through darkness. Since I was a little girl. Violence is my reality. My normal. His father hit him. Now he hits me. For no reason other than a way to cope with stress. At least that’s the excuse he uses after he teaches me one of his, what he calls it, life lessons. Now that he has left me for dead, I need to run away. To put as much distance between us as possible. Because this time, even with his powerful connections, he won’t find me. I’ll make sure of it. My safe haven has a face. And even a name. But he has no idea I’m coming. That I need his help. And the safety he can provide for me. We met before. Once. Then I vanished into the night without saying goodbye. A year has gone by since. Will he remember me? Will be a safe place to heal my wounds? Or did I dream the connection we shared that one night on the rooftop bar amongst his wealthy friends? I’ll wait for him. Because I have nowhere else to go, alone, afraid, and scarred, praying this time, darkness won’t have a foothold on me.

Can I finally let the seeds of hope he planted into my heart that night grow, or should I keep running for my life?



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USA Today and International Bestselling Author Emmanuelle Snow is a contemporary author of mature YA and New Adult love stories, who likes to give life to strong characters who’ll fight with all they have to reach their life goals and find their own happiness.

Emmanuelle is in love with love. Especially those complicated, deep, and passionate feelings that make a relationship extraordinary and complex, all at the same time.

In her spare time, when she’s not writing or reading, Emmanuelle likes to go on road trips—with her four kids and her own soulmate—watch movies, paint, or do some DIY, always with a cup of green tea in her hand and listening to country music.

She splits her time between beautiful Canada and the small US towns she adores.


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