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Carter Hills Band Book 3

I pushed the button. I ended a friendship. Now I’m haunted by the images from that night. And I have no idea how to heal the part of my heart that is fractured. My friend was wise beyond his age, he knew me more than I knew myself. The career, the money, the promotion, they all seem futile now. I’m stuck with no idea how to turn my life around. Until I receive a package that opens my eyes to new possibilities. And dreams I never thought I should reach for. The journey has one endgame: find happiness again and my place in this world. After driving for weeks, I end up in Green Mountain, a small town in Tennessee, a far cry from my hometown of Chicago. And then I meet her. Dahlia Ellis. My soulmate. My other half. My true purpose. Even in my wildest dreams, I would never have thought that she was where I was supposed to be. Will the bond we share from the first time our eyes locked enough to seal our destiny, or will the ghosts from our past get in the way?



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About the author

USA Today and International Bestselling Author Emmanuelle Snow is a contemporary author of mature YA and New Adult love stories, who likes to give life to strong characters who’ll fight with all they have to reach their life goals and find their own happiness.

Emmanuelle is in love with love. Especially those complicated, deep, and passionate feelings that make a relationship extraordinary and complex, all at the same time.

In her spare time, when she’s not writing or reading, Emmanuelle likes to go on road trips—with her four kids and her own soulmate—watch movies, paint, or do some DIY, always with a cup of green tea in her hand and listening to country music.

She splits her time between beautiful Canada and the small US towns she adores.


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