Someone Else’s Baby by Ruby Speechley / #Review @rubyspeechley @HeraBooks

She gave away her children. Now she wants them back.

Charlotte Morgan knows how it feels to desperately want a baby. As a child, seeing her mum devastated by losing her longed-for babies, Charlotte wished another woman could give her mother what she so craved.

Now Charlotte’s a mum herself, and knowing how much love her daughter, Alice, brings into her life, she vows to help others achieve their dreams of becoming a parent.

When she meets Malcolm and Brenda on a surrogacy website, it seems that she’s found the perfect couple. In their late forties, they have wealth and a enviable life, but there’s just one thing missing – a child of their own.

When Charlotte falls pregnant with twins, the couple are overjoyed. And while Charlotte’s heart breaks as she hands them over, her reward is knowing how much happiness the two tiny babies are going to bring into their life.

But are Malcolm and Brenda all they seem? As secrets become unravelled, Charlotte is forced to face that she has handed her babies over to virtual strangers. And when Malcolm and Brenda disappear without a trace, Charlotte is plunged into a frantic search for the babies she carried – before it’s too late…




For a lot of people starting a family is quite easy. For other couples it’s like a dream that never seems to come true. Fortunately there are solutions like IVF or adoption, but not everybody qualifies for either. There is one option left: surrogacy. 

I knew it existed, but I thought it were often family members or close friends who would use this method, not complete strangers. But why not? If people can help each other and they click straight away, there is no reason why it should not be possible.

Charlotte is one of the angels who decides to help a couple who have not been blessed with a baby yet. Because there is no real law around surrogacy, both parties draw up a kind of contract containing do’s and don’ts. 

Charlotte and her husband Steve sometimes felt there was something not quite right with the intended parents, but they blamed it on stress. Finally it’s time to hand over the precious cargo, but when they loose contact, Charlotte and Steve start to get seriously worried…

This was a wonderful, amazing story. I laughed and cried with Charlotte and Steve is a perfect husband and dad to their daughter Alice. 

I was totally blown away by the book and I was fascinated by it’s subject. I started googling surrogacy, because I was curious to find out what kind of laws we have in Belgium. Well, in a time where there are rules for almost anything, I was surprised we don’t have any legislation here either. It’s such a delicate matter, why is this not protected by some laws? Unbelievable!

I loved this book. The author’s storytelling was fantastic. I cannot wait to read more books by her hand. 5 stars.

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About the author

Ruby Speechley graduated from Sheffield Hallam university with an MA in Creative Writing. She is a Faber Academy alumna and prolific writer whose work has been longlisted for the Lucy Cavendish Fiction prize, Exeter Novel Prize, The Caledonia Novel Award, The Bath Novel Award, and has won the Retreat West First Chapter Competition and Best Opening Chapter at the Festival of Writing in York.


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