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The young couple lies still on the snow-covered sidewalk, their gloved hands tightly linked as though they could save each other. But flashing blue lights illuminate the quiet street, and drops of blood scatter the pure white ground…Agent Tori Hunter is heartbroken at the murders of Cam and Gracie, two college students dating for just a few months, shot dead outside his aunt’s home. With witnesses in this once-peaceful neighborhood saying they saw a black car speed away, Tori is desperately tracking it down when a nine-year-old girl is found sitting alone on a park bench, refusing to speak. No-one in this small community knows who she is… is she somehow linked to the murders?Visiting little Alisha as she huddles in her pink coat, Tori quickly realises she is deaf. As her hands move in sign language Tori makes out her message: We had to run from the lady in the black car. I want to go home.Did Alisha witness Cam and Gracie’s killer? Tori is racing to follow her directions to a lonely cabin deep in the pine forest when she gets an anonymous call from a female voice that makes her blood run cold. “Hello, Tori. To keep Alisha safe you need to do exactly as I say…”Is Tori speaking to the killer, or is putting her trust in this mysterious woman her one hope of catching the true perpetrator? As more phone calls come, it’s clear the voice knows all about a cold case from Tori’s past—and that Tori must confront this twisted mind, and her own darkest demons before more innocent lives are lost.




I love this series. Tori Hunter is one of my favorite characters and because she has been through a lot already she can empathize with a lot of people too. It has taken a while before she got over the devastating things from her past but it has made her more determined and stronger. I know it’s such a cliché, but clichés often stand for the truth too.

When you say Tori, you say Braaddock and of course he is back too, as well as Tracy, Tori’s friend from her days as an FBI agent.

This time Tori has a very complicated case she has to try to unravel. People are being killed left, right and center, but baddies seem to be the target now too. 

Who is this mysterious killer who decides enough is enough, working like a ghost but leaving behind quite a few dead bodies? 

Little by little Tori finds out who is behind all this. Will she be able to catch them? On the one hand she does want to nail them. On the other hand the unsub is not bad through and through…

I love Maggie. She is a wonderful character and you just have to love her. She is soft and loving and fights for those she loves.

An amazing story I could not put down. 5 stars

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About the Author

Roger Stelljes is the acclaimed New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of pulse-pounding murder mystery and suspense novels, including the Tori Hunter and McRyan Mystery Series. Roger’s crime thrillers are noted for their fast-paced, yet intricate plots filled with layered and complex characters.

Roger started his first novel in July 2002 while on vacation in Minnesota’s Brainerd Lakes area and has been writing ever since. His debut book, The St. Paul Conspiracy, was nominated in genre fiction for the Minnesota Book Awards along with finalists Brian Freeman and William Kent Krueger. With his follow-up, Deadly Stillwater, where Vince Flynn hailed Roger as a “powerful new thriller voice”, he won the Midwest Independent Book Publishers award for commercial fiction.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Roger still lives there with his family. In addition to his work as an author, Roger is a partner in his law firm. Roger is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys spending time outdoors boating, attending hockey games, and honing his golf game.


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