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Oceanic Dreams #6

He was the man of her dreams and their lives were all planned out—until he disappeared without explanation. Only to reappear on the decks of the Oceanic Aphrodite six years later.

Selena Spark has a plan for her life. It’s a new plan, one she devised after her previous plans—the ones she made with her college boyfriend and supposed future husband and business partner fell through—but it’s a good plan.

Step One: Put eyes on the resort Oceanic has built with her company on Grand Cayman, and determine if it is up to her company’s high standards.

Step Two: If it is, score the management position at that resort.

Step Three: Move to Grand Cayman for her dream job and live happily ever after in paradise.

But you know what they say about plans.

And when her sister is left at the altar just before the cruise sails and needs consoling, Selena decides to bring her along. But when Lincoln Addis turns out to be the activities director aboard the Aphrodite, and when he is assigned to oversee her Oceanic experience and confesses that he’s also in the running for the resort management gig? And when she realizes she still loves him, and he’s never stopped loving her?

Selena may have to make some new plans.



My Review

I already talked about the covers in a previous review, but there is something else that connects the books. Every title is a title of a song and the lyrics (or part of them at least) jump straight into my head and I start singing … also in my head because I would not want to do this to my entourage. 😉

You already know as well that I am a big fan of this series and you won’t be surprised then that I adored this book too. Once this series ends, Cupid will need a holiday too after all the hard work he had to do. Maybe he can book a cabin on a cruise 🙂 

The author made my mouth water when she described the resorts and the views.

A fun story that had me interested from the beginning until the end about second chances and true love that never dies, no matter what. 5 stars.

Thank you, Delancey Stewart


About the author

I’m Delancey Stewart – contemporary romance author! My books run the gamut of settings and setups, but they always deliver humor, heart and heat. It’s a guarantee.

I write from my home outside Washington DC, where I manage a household full of boys and men. Okay, only one man. The hubs. But two boys. I mean, three if you count the hubs. (You see why I do words and not numbers. I was told there’d be no math in this bio. Someone lied.)

I grew up in California and have had more jobs than anyone on earth (personal trainer, pharmaceutical rep, copywriter, tech writer, marketing director, wine seller, elementary school teacher… I’m not kidding. The list. It goes on.) But the one I love the most is writing, in part because I get to meet people who love books and stories as much as I do!


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