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Living, Playing and Moving Forward

C’mon, Let’s Play!” shares methods for the readers to play with that can help them change their lives. Here, Suberla reflects on her life journey, and uses her own examples of good and bad choices to give practical advice on how to achieve your goals. With humor, she shares her approach to making some life changing choices including how she became a hippie in the late 60s and early 70s, to her decision to retire early from her corporate job. Dee also shares her process for how she moved through breast cancer. By sharing her personals story, the author demonstrates the importance of how one’s thoughts and beliefs determine the life that he or she leads and how anyone can get more living in life by playing with the concepts in this book.




Part of chapter 1

Me and My Numb Spots
One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small; and the ones that mother gives you don’t do anything at all.
—Grace Slick
I have numb spots in my brain. I’m always surprised when they take an active role in my life, being numb spots and all. Sometimes when something very dramatic happens, I don’t feel things—mentally, physically, or emotionally. Of course, at other times you might find me weeping while watching puppies or a brilliant sunset.
Over the years, I’ve done a lot of research, learning and observing, and have integrated the best of it into this book to serve as an entry point for those looking for a way to move forward. I love knowing that my résumé, the work I do, my education, my financial circumstances, and my previous experiences do not define me. Nor do the roles I play in this world or any of those questionable choices I’ve made over the years (although many of those choices, as it turns out, make darn good

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About the Author

Dee G Suberla is best known for her expertise in project management. Of course, she didn’t start out that way, no she started writing poetry at an early age, then became a resource for people she worked with in the pharmaceutical industry when there was a need to write something particularly tricky. When she reflected on the favorite parts of her job it came down to coaching; she loved helping people to set and achieve their goals. Coaching wasn’t in her job description but it was a passion that she pursued after she became a consultant and wrote her first book to help new project managers called Poof You’re a Project Manager and Other Delusions of Grandeur. Recently, she was compelled to write C’mon Let’s play to share what she had learned with people who felt stuck, helpless or were looking for something new. Whether Dee is career coaching, life coaching or coaching somewhere in between, she shares much of this information with her clients and wrote this book to reach a wider audience.


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