The Earl’s Irresistible Challenge – Lara Temple

When Lucas, Lord Sinclair, receives a mysterious summons from a Miss Olivia Silverdale he’s skeptical about whether he can help her. But Olivia, although eccentric, is in earnest about her quest to restore her late godfather’s reputation. Lucas’s curiosity is piqued, and not just by Olivia’s intelligent eyes and lithe form. A new challenge quickly presents itself: keeping Miss Silverdale at arm’s length!



Guest post

Today the author explains why she loves love letters. Enjoy!


l have a drawer-full of letters from my childhood and they are some of my most prized possessions. I moved around a lot with my family and away from my family when I was still in high school and letters were a way to keep in touch with people I cared about.

Reading through them I realize how strongly voices come across in letters. I can see the same thing when I read letters written by people throughout history – they can be as powerful and revealing as novels. In fact, one of the most powerful novels I read as a girl was in letter form – Daddy Long Legs (I still go back sometimes and bask in that masterpiece – it is brilliant!). It doesn’t even have to be a letter to a lover, it could be to someone in the family, or sometimes even a formal letter says so much about the writer.

Still, I never actually planned to include letters in my stories, but in my latest series they snuck in and they just felt right. My Sinful Sinclair series is about family and overcoming the weight of the past, and letters were a great way for the past to reach into the present, and show how much it still has a hold on my heroes and heroines.

In the Earl’s Irresistible Challenge letters create a flow of love and regret between past and present. They also preserve the past and allow Lord Sinclair, my hero, to better understand his parents and what went wrong. As the heroine Olivia relentlessly digs into his past, she uncovers a trail of letters between his parents and his parents’ acquaintances that paint a different picture of the past, revealing all the things that make us human – pain, doubt, mistakes, weakness, caring, and love.

There’s a sensitivity to reading one’s own letters, but even more so when reading someone else’s. It is almost worse than eavesdropping – because when someone sits down to write a letter, they’re aware they probably won’t be there when it is read, especially back in the days when there was no other form of communication. They won’t be able to clear up misconceptions by explaining themselves, by answering questions or accusations. There is a temporary finality to letters. So in writing them I had to really try and respect that about this medium.

Letters aren’t just a window onto other people and a way to understand the past. They can also provide a way for the dead to reach into the present and shape our future. In my second Sinful Sinclair (The Rakes Enticing Proposal) they set the hero on a quest to fulfil a last wish that takes him through his past while helping people close to him.

Yes, letters are a device, but they are also a powerful mini-cosmos of a person.

Letter writing has evolved – now I text friends and family, and use emails and emojis, but I can still hear and feel the other person – our style comes across even in these new media – some are contained and careful, some are ebullient and go wild with the emojis. We are constantly finding new ways to express ourselves that are just as valid as the dying art of letter writing. So long as we’re communicating and expressing ourselves – we’re sharing.

I’m certain that if I wrote contemporary romances, I’d make use of texts and emails because romance is about communication and miscommunication of who we are, and that’s done in body language, in speech, and in any other form of communication we can devise.

I could say I miss letter writing but I don’t really – I can always write about them in my books.

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About the author

Lara Temple writes strong, sexy regency romances about complex individuals who give no quarter but do so with plenty of passion. After moving around the world for her career as a financial analyst and business consultant she returned to her childhood love of making up stories, and was surprised to discover that other people don’t mind reading them.

She lives with her husband and two children who are very good about her taking over the kitchen table for her writing (so she can look out over the garden and dream while Oscar the dog keeps her feet warm by sitting on them as she works).

The Earl’s Irresistible Challenge (out December 2018) is the first in her Sinful Sinclair series. In May 2019 Unlaced by the Highland Duke, part of a four book series with three other Harlequin Mills & Boon authors will be released.

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