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Detective in a Coma #1

DI Duncan Waddell is on the brink of a nervous breakdown – he thinks his best pal DC Stevie Campbell, who’s been in a coma since he was attacked by a suspect, is talking to him.

When office worker Shelley rushes to her boyfriend’s aid after he is attacked, she is abducted. She wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there.

On the case, Waddell finds himself in a desperate race against time to uncover the truth behind the abduction.

To do this, he and his team must delve into the seedy underbelly of Scotland’s swingers’ scene and a world where women are tricked into the sex business and traded like cattle.



Guest Post

Ten things about me

1. My muse is my huge rescue dog Harley. I read him all of my work. He’s a harsh critic and if he doesn’t like what he hears he runs off to get his dog tug toy so I have to stop reading to play with him.

2. I am always coming up with ideas for stories and articles. I often lose track of time or where I am. I once wrote a whole chapter of one of my crime novels during a shopping trip as my partner stood outside the public toilets wondering what was taking me so long.

3. I love reading crime novels from all around the world especially Japan, Finland and Iceland. I enjoy being absorbed in other people’s cultures.

4. When I was a teenager I invented a football board game that was purchased by one of the big companies. Before the game came out they went out of business and there went my chance of earning the big bucks.

5. In the past I’ve worked as a film and TV extra in Scotland. It’s mesmerizing to be on a set and see real actors at work.

6. The idea for Vile City came to me as I was walking through Glasgow city centre with my partner at night. I could see in my mind’s eye a young woman walking down an alleyway looking for her boyfriend when she felt a presence behind her.

7. I’ve been a vegetarian for 36 years and wrote a self-help book on the topic called Living Cruelty Free – Live a more Compassionate Life.

8. When I’m writing a book I actually read out sections in the character of the person who’s telling the story. I find that helps me get inside their heads.

9. I’m obsessed with unsolved true crimes, especially the case of Bible John who murdered women he met at dance halls in Glasgow in the 60s. The sister of one of his victims sat in a taxi with him and another man as well as her sister and got a very good look at him but the police could still not track either man down.

10. Although I write crime novels my first love is horror. I love Stephen king and I’m a big zombie fan. I often think about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Thank you, Jennifer Lee Thomson and Random Things Tours


About the Author 

Jennifer Lee Thomson is an award-winning Scottish crime writer who has been scribbling away all her life. She also writes non-fiction as Jennifer Thomson and fiction as Jenny Thomson. She’s owned by a giant rescue dog called Harley. Her latest book is crime thriller Vile City – Volume 1 in her Detective in a Coma series is out now from Diamond Books – Meet DI Waddell: overworked and now his best pal who’s in a coma is talking to him (and only him). Can he find missing Shelley before it’s too late?


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