Cocoa and Chanel – Donna Joy Usher

Faced with the unattractive options of an affair with her boss’s husband or the unknown, Chanel Smith chooses the unknown and unwittingly traps herself into joining the New South Wales’ Police Force.

More interested in fashion than felony, she staggers through training and finds herself posted to the forces most notorious crime hot spot, King’s Cross. There, she becomes entangled in a case of the worst kind – a serial killer targeting young women.

As she is drawn further into the seedy underground in her attempt to unravel the truth, Chanel makes new friends, new enemies and attracts the attention of the killer. Can she solve the case in time, or will she become the killer’s next victim?



My review

I really love the cover. It’s fun and playful and if I would see it in a shop, I would immediately be drawn to it and most certainly buy it as well.

I would not call it a cozy mystery because Chanel is not an amateur sleuth. She is the real thing or almost anyway.

It’s difficult to put it in a category. It’s a very tasty coctail of romance, suspense and humour that I enjoyed very much.

I loved all the characters and it’s interesting to see how they change.

The story fluently written and I could hardly put it down. It captured my attention from the very beginning until the end where I was kept hanging and wanting more, much more.  5 stars.

Thank you, Donna Joy Usher.


About the author

Hi there, I’m Donna Joy Usher. I started writing my first novel when I was seven. With no idea about plot or character development (I mean I was only seven) my storyline quickly disintegrated into a muddled jumble of boring dialogue between two horses. Disillusioned, I gave up writing stories for quite a while after that. Instead, I concentrated on my studies, eventually graduating as a dentist.

After many years of ‘drilling and filling’ I turned to writing in an effort to escape the seriousness of my day job. During that time I created my first book, The Seven Steps to Closure, and discovered that I love nothing more than making other people laugh. Well that, and my husband and two miniature schnauzers, Chloe and Xena.

I currently live in beautiful Perth When I am not working or writing, I love to paddle board, walk on the beach and sip chai lattes at the local cafe.

You can connect with me on Twitter (@DonnaJoyUsher), Facebook, Goodreads,