Holiday Shorts: Flash Fiction by Barbara Venkataraman / #Review @BarbaraVenkat

Holiday Flash Fiction, what could be more fun? Capture a mood, a memory, a wonderful experience, using exactly 100 words. Stories like Secret Santa, Brag and Gag, In the Nick of Time, The Roar of the Crowd, and Opposites Attract will give you a chuckle. Other stories like Everyone’s a Critic, Spread Joy and Holiday Magic will make your holidays even more enjoyable.




This is the third and last flash fiction book I have and this time we find ourselves in December. Yes, it’s that time of the year again : Christmas.

Holiday shorts… Santa took it quite literally and put his on. The cover already made me smile and so did a lot of the stories too. It really brings you in the mood. You see yourself as a child, counting the hours until it’s time to open those presents and find out what’s hidden inside. Or you see your older self making a list (or not), trying to find the prefect presents for your loved ones. We even get to peek in Santa’s home and workplace.

It must have been a wonderful challenge for the authors to create a story in so little words. I can imagine them having great fun doing it. I definitely had fun reading them.  5 stars

Thank you, Barbara Venkataraman


About the authors

Award-winning author Barbara Venkataraman is an attorney and mediator specializing in family law. Her works include: “The Fight for Magicallus”, a children’s fantasy; “If you’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place”, a humorous short story; and three books of humorous essays: “I’m Not Talking about You, Of Course,” “A Trip to the Hardware Store & Other Calamities,” and “A Smidge of Crazy”, from her series, “Quirky Essays for Quirky People.”

Her Jamie Quinn cozy mystery series includes: “Death by Didgeridoo”, “The Case of the Killer Divorce”, “Peril in the Park”, “Engaged in Danger” and “Jeopardy in July”.
Her newest book has just been released: “Accidental Activist: Justice for the Groveland Four”, a memoir she co-authored with her son about lessons he learned while working to exonerate four men falsely convicted of a terrible crime in the Jim Crow South. All of her books are available on Amazon Kindle.



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