Black Rock Manor by Shaun Baines / #Review @Littlehavenfarm

A Holly Fleet Mystery 1

When Holly Fleet returns to her home village of Little Belton, she expects it to be there.

Arcadia Leisure, a corporation led by an eccentric outsider, buys Black Rock Manor and wants to build a theme park in the heart of Northumberland’s countryside. Houses will be demolished and livelihoods will be lost.

Holly’s cottage may be rundown, but she doesn’t want it to be replaced by a log flume.

A local resident protests and goes missing. Another resident is attacked. While Little Belton holds its breath, frightened to see who might be next, Holly decides to defend her home.

Enlisting the help of Callum Acres, a handsome, young gamekeeper, Holly investigates Arcadia Leisure and discovers secrets the village would like to keep quiet.

If Little Belton is to survive, its residents must work together before Holly’s fresh start becomes a dead end.




Holly and the villagers of Little Belton have a lot on their plate in this first book of a new series. 

Holly does not only have to find out where the missing person has disappeared to, but also who is responsible for the attack on another villager and has to prevent the village from turning into an amusement park. She can’t do this on her own though and enlists Callum, Black Rock Manor’s gamekeeper. 

She also has private matters to deal with, but the village has to come first. Hopefully there is still time left to solve the rest as well.

Sometimes people you think are working against you are in fact on your side. Time to join forces and when you believe you have found what it takes, fate strikes hard. Were all those efforts in vain or will the solution come from an unexpected angle?

This is a story I finished in one day. I liked the bits of humor the author added and the well built up structure of the book. 4 stars.

Thank you, Shaun Baines


About the author

I grew up in South Shields, a coastal town in the north-east of England. When I wasn’t playing on my ZX Spectrum, I was in the library reading non-age appropriate books.

I’ve had a number of soul destroying jobs – door-to-door salesman, statistician, buyer of manufacturing equipment I could barely pronounce. Tired of wearing a shirt and tie to work, I started a gardening business where shorts and grubby T-shirts became mandatory.

It wasn’t until I moved to Scotland that my love of reading gravitated into one of writing. My main interest is in crime fiction from cosy mysteries to hardboiled noir.


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