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The Bad Mother’s Diary

The Bad Mother #1

Juliette is a new mother, but life isn’t going the way she’d hoped. She doesn’t live in a cottage with roses around the door. She doesn’t own a rolling pin. And Daisy’s out-of-work actor father still hasn’t proposed.

While Juliette sobs her way through sleepless nights and nappy changes, Nick drinks Guinness and plays computer games. Meanwhile, his helicopter mother is always on hand to find fault – with Juliette. At least when Nick pops the question, things will look up…won’t they?

With a supporting cast including Juliette’s over-honest mother, potty-mouthed grandmother, militant hippy best friend and handsome-but-scarred hotel magnate Alex Dalton, the first in Suzy K Quinn’s hilarious, bestselling Bad Mother series is a sassy, uplifting, addictive treat.



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The Bad Mother’s Detox

The Bad Mother #2

Juliette Duffy has made a lot of mistakes. They include falling in love with the wrong man, having a baby with the aforementioned wrong man, and googling ‘haemorrhoids’ then looking at the image pages. This year, however, she is hoping for joyful post-baby romance with Alex Dalton – a man who has loved her since childhood and owns half of London.

Can she really make it work with Alex? Living in a country village and working in her parents’ local pub is a world away from Alex’s high-powered life in London. And there’s another big problem, which there aren’t enough four-letter words to describe: Daisy’s cheating, irresponsible father, Nick.



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The Bad Mother’s Holiday

The Bad Mother #3

Juliette Duffy is knocked up again. Preggers. Up the duff. To put it another way… whoops.

While she and her hotel magnate boyfriend Alex get their heads around unexpected parenthood, Juliette is having all the usual pregnancy symptoms: throwing up, indigestion, sciatica, constipation, migraines and brain-fuddling tiredness. Because Mother Nature is a psychopathic old hag.

She needs a distraction and this summer she is determined to get away. Her party-loving mother is demanding the usual Duffy family all-inclusive Greek holiday. Her dad wants to go camping in Norfolk. And Alex? Well, he has asked her on a five-star luxury cruise. The trouble is, his mother is coming too…



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The Bad Mother’s Christmas

The Bad Mother #4

Juliette and Alex are finally getting hitched, which should be joyous news. But Juliette is now entering ‘blended family’ territory: Alex will be Daisy’s stepfather – and Daisy’s real father is not happy about it.

Yes, after messing up Juliette’s family the first time round, Nick is still trying to elbow his way back into her life, doing everything he can to stop her being with Alex. And Alex’s family are hardly rolling out the red carpet. To them, their new daughter-in-law is a slattern with a Jaffa Cake addiction.

But Christmas is the thing that will bring them all together. And Juliette is determined that this Christmas will be a wonderfully happy family affair. Determined. Now where did she put that Jaffa Cake?

The fourth in Suzy K Quinn’s bestselling Bad Mother series is a sparkly, shiny Christmas romantic comedy for mothers, and the perfect Yuletide treat.



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About the author

Suzy K Quinn writes in three different genres: psychological thriller, comedy and romance.

She was first published by Hachette in 2010 with her debut novel Glass Geishas (now Night Girls), then self-published a romance series, The Ivy Lessons, which became #1 Kindle romance bestsellers in the US and UK. After her second daughter was born in 2013, she self-published the Bad Mother’s Diary series, which also became Kindle bestsellers. Her novels have now been translated into seven languages and her books have sold over 750,000 copies worldwide.

She lives in Wivenhoe, Essex, with her husband Demi and two daughters, and travels to Mexico every year to write and study Mayan story-telling.

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