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Are you sure he’s someone you can trust? We know nothing at all about him. Who is he, really?’

Susanne and her two best friends have been dreaming of a holiday. All of them need an escape. Especially Susanne, who is reeling from the news that her ex is getting remarried. They need the warm Tuscan sun, delicious Italian food and wine, and – most of all – the time to unwind with each other. What they get is Harry.

Handsome, charming and great company, Harry soon sweeps Susanne off her feet for a holiday fling. And why not? Except that everything he’s told them is a lie.

Who is the man they’ve let into their house – who Susanne has let into her bed? They have no idea what Harry is capable of – what he’s done to get this far, and what he’s prepared to do to ensure he gets his way.

By the time they find out, it will be too late to stop their dream holiday becoming a nightmare.




The story starts at a slow pace and everything is quiet and peaceful until the author takes us to sunny Tuscany. Who does not want to accompany the main characters on such a trip? Who does not want to enjoy a few weeks doing nothing but enjoying the sun, sightseeing and a swimming pool during the summer while staying in a luxurious villa? I most certainly do. 😊

Once there the dynamic changes. Blame the perfect liar…

You feel there is something that is not quite right. When something is too good to be true, it’s a lie, right? Or maybe fairy tales do exist?

Little by little the author allows us to find out the truth and it’s rather shocking.

Was it a thriller? Maybe not really, but it definitely was an intriguing, captivating, I-want-to-know-how-it-all-comes-together, leave-me-alone-and-let-me-read kind of book. When a story gives me these feelings, I am a happy camper and I happily grant it 5 stars.

I did not want to say goodbye to the protagonists yet. Maybe the author did not want to either…?

Thank you, Beverley Harvey and Bookouture


About the author 

Throughout Beverley’s many years spent working in advertising and PR, she had always wanted to write fiction. In 2015 a creative writing course inspired her debut novel, Seeking Eden, which was published in 2017. The sequel, Eden Interrupted, soon followed. Beverley’s third novel – her first with Bookouture – fulfils a long-time goal to publish a psychological thriller.

Born in Yorkshire, and raised in Kent, Beverley currently lives in West Sussex with her partner and their adorable terrier. When not writing, you’ll find her reading, walking the dog or listening to rock music.


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