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Imagine if we could combine dreams and reality in a world where we live forever. Oliver believes his life to be one of disappointment and failure. Haunted by the memory of a mysterious woman he encountered thirty years ago, and obsessed with finding her, he embarks on a strange journey of grief, hope, myths and legends where dreams and truth merge.




I know they are dreams, yet I see nothing outside of them.
I live in a black hole with no contact with the world. This must be like what it would be to wake
up blind: to open your eyes and expect to see something. You see nothing; everything is inside
your head. You have forgotten what to do to see and try to remember what it is you are not
There is a light above me that changes. I can see it with my eyes closed. Is this part of the
dream? It’s like looking out from a spaceship to the surface of a planet whose gaseous clouds
swirl slowly, continuously; marbling the surface below.
I see a woman, a beautiful woman. She bears a resemblance to my daughter, but she is not my
She is beckoning. I want to follow her. I know that it will be a one-way journey.
I am afraid.
Ever since I can remember, I have been blessed (or cursed) with the ability to imagine objects
and places that I have never seen or visited. When conditions are ideal (I shall explain this later)
a comprehensive image will lodge itself at the centre of my brain’s consciousness: threedimensional, in colour and alive.

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About the author

Owen W Knight is a writer of contemporary and speculative fiction. His works include Another Life, described as ‘It’s a Wonderful Life for the 21st Century’ and The Invisible College Trilogy, an apocalyptic dystopian conspiracy tale for young adults, described as ‘1984 Meets the Book of Revelation’.
Owen was born in Southend-on-Sea at a time when children spent their days outdoors, creating imaginary worlds that formed the basis of their adventures and social interaction.
He has used this experience to create a world based on documented myths, with elements of dystopia, mystery and science fiction, highlighting the use and abuse of power and the conflicts associated with maintaining ethical values.
Owen lives in Essex, close to the countryside that inspired his trilogy.

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