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Swipe to The Altar: Your 10-Step Roadmap to Finding True Love Online

It’s so easy to fall in love, but hard to find someone who will catch you. Let me guess – you’re a beautiful and intelligent girl, but so far, you haven’t got much luck finding true love. This book will show you how to find your true love from online dating. You will no longer be the Instant Noodle and your love life will be transformed forever.


Your Definition of “Cool” is Wrong

We think we need to be cool to have the upper hand in dating, especially during the early stages. Maybe this is because of misguided “dating secrets” or trying to emulate those popular, but distant, players. We have been taught that you put on a poker face on dates, nodding “That’s fair,” while screaming Holy Shit! That’s amazing! inside your brain when your date says he’s been to Antarctica.

You see your favorite dessert on the menu and cannot wait to order it, but you have to remain cool and decline by saying “I don’t do dessert.” In fact, refraining from expressing real emotions and feelings is not cool. It is boring. The real coolness showing emotions, being fun and passionate, and acting like a real human being instead of a robot. Go ahead and let him know you are impressed next time he shares his cliff diving experience. Tell him that tiramisu is your favorite dessert and you are going to order it! Be genuine and be real.

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About the author

Mrs. Q. Warnock, the former Miss Qianlei Li, started her online dating journey in 2014 and found the love of her life at the end of 2016. She has gone on 42 first dates and has got her heart broken multiple times before realizing the right way to go about online dating. She now lives happily with her husband in Northern Virginia.

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