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Detective Iris Locke #2

Yesterday they were a family like any other…

Twenty-year-old Rachel McDermott was your typical girl-next-door. She loved her job as a nurse, was close to her family in the small Irish town of Corbally and seemed to have no enemies. So when she is brutally murdered, the local community reels in horror and Detective Iris Locke is put on the case.

The main suspect is her close friend, sixteen-year-old Eleanor Marshall, a tearaway teenager with addiction problems whose parents have long since turned their backs on her. Eleanor was last seen fleeing the scene where Rachel’s body was found and is now missing in the woods near the Comeragh mountains.

Eleanor’s sister Karena insists Eleanor wouldn’t have hurt her best friend, but a day later, when Karena is found dead in the area Eleanor is hiding, Iris knows things don’t look good for the runaway teen. She doesn’t want to believe that Eleanor is her sister’s killer, but all the evidence seems to point that way.

But Iris can’t let go of the elements of the case she doesn’t have answers for. The fact that Rachel’s father died in suspicious circumstances. The strange company that Rachel was keeping the night before she died. Was it guilt or fear that made Eleanor run? And can Iris find her before it is too late?



My Review

I sometimes wonder when I am going to give up trying to solve the mysteries before the police team is able to? Well, … never I guess, because I always have so much fun attempting to link all the clues and seeing afterwards that I failed again. I do admit that I have no trouble suspecting certain things, but never the whole shebang.

This is the best brain gymnastics there is! Maybe, just maybe, the day will come that I will succeed in solving the cases.

In the first book the author gives us a lot of details about Iris’ personal life and although this story can be read as a standalone, but I do advise to start with book 1.

Both books start rather slowly but the speed picks up soon enough.

If I have to choose a favourite character, I would say Ben Slattery. I have a soft spot for officers who work a little outside the system. 

Why she ran? That’s something you will have to discover for yourself. 🙂

I enjoyed it a lot. 4 stars

Thank you, Geraldine Hogan and Bookouture.


About the author

Geraldine Hogan was born in Ireland. She gained an Honors Degree in English Literature and Psychology from Dublin City University and a Postgraduate Degree in Training and Management from University College, Galway. She is an Irish award-winning and bestselling author of four contemporary fiction novels under the pen name Faith Hogan.
HER SISTER’S BONES is her first crime novel, her second WHY SHE RAN is due out in December 2019.
She is currently working on her next novel. She lives in the west of Ireland with her husband, four children and a very busy Labrador named Penny. She’s a writer, reader, enthusiastic dog walker and reluctant jogger – except of course when it is raining!


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