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“Let’s play truth or dare, for old times’ sake…”

I reluctantly agree, silently praying none of my three oldest friends gets the chance to ask me a truth. There is so much I’ve been keeping from them. Just for this weekend, for our long-awaited college reunion, I want to put all that aside and have some fun.

But it wasn’t my secrets I should have been worried about. It was theirs.

When Ada draws truth, she can’t meet my eye. “Ivy…” she begins and then stops. Before saying something that I immediately wish she could take back.

But of course she can’t, not now.

The worst thing is no one else seems as shocked. I realise they have let me think I was to blame all these years. Perhaps I never knew my closest friends to begin with. Maybe we were never actually friends all…





You remember at school and you had some good friends, great friends even and you shared everything? You had each other’s backs, were there for each other in good and in bad times. There were no secrets between you …

Then marriage and children happen and even though you never lost touch, the contact is not the same anymore, but that does not mean you are not best friends anymore, right?

Maybe it’s time for a little reunion to prove just that and have a happy relaxed weekend away from the every day life. That’s just what the doctor ordered …

Did their friendship stand the test of time and are secrets meant to be revealed of stay buried forever?

This is a story that I liked a lot. It’s about friendship, second chances,  facing and dealing with your problems.  The author managed to add the exact right amount of emotion into the mix. 4 stars

Thank you, Emily Cavanagh and Bookouture


About the author

A teacher as well as a writer, Emily Cavanagh lives with her husband, two daughters, and an Australian Shepherd on Martha’s Vineyard Island. Her work has been published in Red Rock Review, Grain Magazine, Transfer, and Martha’s Vineyard Arts and Ideas.


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