The Road Trip – Susanne O’Leary

Have you ever wanted to press the escape button?
Maddy and Leanne are in need of a miracle.

Maddy can’t bear to wash another pair of her husband’s Y-fronts and if he continues to drone on about golf she might just scream.

Leanne can’t stand living with her overbearing mother for a second longer and she’s one disapproving eye roll away from a nervous breakdown.

But their luck changes when they win the lottery.

Setting off from Dublin, Maddy and Leanne lease a red convertible, winding through Europe and heading for the sun-drenched French Riviera.

But the pair have their own reasons for their adventure. Maddy has never forgotten her summer romance of twenty years ago with a gorgeous Frenchman and Leanne plans to track down the father who abandoned her as a child.

Amongst glorious sunsets and buckets of bubbly, Leanne and Maddy are searching for answers after years of wondering ‘what if?’. But there might just be some surprises in store along the way…



My review

They say that money can’t buy you happiness and there is no doubt about, but it can open doors to certain opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise. It can give you the chance to escape from things and put your needs first instead of those of others.
This story is about friendship, love lost and found, about living the dream or waking up.
Some parts were totally over the top that they were funny, others were heartbreakingly sad.
When I reached the last chapter, I was afraid that I would not get all my questions answered. I was very relieved to see that I will have my answers in the next book. I can’t wait to read what happens next.
Overall it is a trip down a bumpy road that (hopefully) will be evened in the sequel in order to lead to happy ending for all the characters. 4 stars.

Thank you, Susanne O’Leary, Bookouture and Netgalley


About the author

Susanne O’Leary is the bestselling author of more than 20 novels, mainly in the romantic fiction genre. She has also written three crime novels and two in the historical fiction genre.

The wife of a former diplomat, she has also been a fitness teacher and a translator. She now writes full-time from either of two locations, a rambling house in County Tipperary, Ireland or a little cottage overlooking the Atlantic in Dingle, County Kerry. When she is not scaling the mountains of said counties, or doing yoga, she keeps writing, producing a book every six months.