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A whimsical story about facing our deepest fears and greatest loves, and what we all must do to grow into the life we were meant to experience.

Elizabeth’s secret began when she was five years old, a secret she held close her entire life. As far as she knew, she was the only person who could see the fairies living in her grandfather’s garden. They play with her and show her their world, and as she grows older, they guide her through the important moments of her life. The fairies, and especially Olivia, were her closest friends.

But where were they when everything fell apart? Why didn’t they save her grandfather when he needed help, and why didn’t they warn her about the things she had to endure? Surely the fairies, who seemed to have a prescience about the future, knew what Elizabeth would have to tolerate.

After the death of her grandfather, Elizabeth moves into his house to begin the process of healing. But when her daughter begins to see and play with the fairies, Elizabeth has a choice to make. Will she accept her daughter’s new friends or will she find a way to banish them from her life forever?



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About the author

Peter Stipe enjoyed a long career that included time in education as well as work in Human Resource Development and Training for a variety of businesses. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Boston University and a Master’s in Education from Tufts. In addition to his writing, Peter is an accomplished artist, working with photography and in watercolor. He has photographs on display at the On The Hill Gallery in Yorktown, Virginia.

 A competitive long-distance runner for many years, Peter has completed numerous marathons with six finishes in the top fifty places in the Boston Marathon and participation in the 1972 U.S. Olympic Trials. A New Englander for most of his life, he now lives and writes in Williamsburg, Virginia.


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