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 Derek Hyde Book #2

Spookaphobic Derek Hyde has a problem: He has to live in the haunted Hyde Funeral Home & Body Parts shop with his adoptive mortician parents, Jack and Formalda. What’s worse, Derek really misses his birth parents—who supposedly died. Turns out, they’re not so dead.




Spookaphobic, twelve-year-old Derek isn’t crazy about living at the haunted Hyde Funeral Home & Body Parts Shop with his mortician parents, Jack and Formalda. Especially since he keeps running into ghosts wherever he goes.

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About the author

Michael Lunsford is the author of an award-winning play, Scary, Scary Night, and a book of wacky kid’s poems, Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards, winner of the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award. His debut novel, Derek Hyde Knows Spooky When He Sees It(INtense Publications, Dec 2019), was the first of the funny Derek Hyde series of spooky middle grade books. Michael is also a musician, composer, inventor, entrepreneur and chief cook & bottle washer who works and lives with his wife and love of his life in San Carlos, California.


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