My Brother is a Werewolf by Ray Price / #Review @raymondaprice

Brie wanted a puppy. But what she got was a younger brother. Accidentally turning her 5 year old brother into a werewolf is the biggest mistake of her life. But she will do anything to fix him because cleaning up werewolf poop is as bad as you think it is.




Vampires, werewolves and so on are not my normal cup of tea, but when it’s in a children’s book, it feels different. It often a lot more cute.

And this one was super cute. I fell in love with Brie and her little brother Robbie. Although little brothers (or sisters) are a pain in the … a lot of times, Brie really takes care of her younger sibling and wants to make the wrong right again. 

How they ended up in this situation, how she tries to fix it and if she succeeds if something for me to know and for you to find out. 

So grab a copy of this great book with the most wonderful illustrations and colors and enjoy it, just like I did. Looking for an ideal present for a birthday or maybe for putting under the Christmas tree, you have just found it. 

Thank you, Ray Price


About the Team

Ray A. Price

Ray A Price is the author of My Brother is a Werewolf. is an author for children’s books, short stories, and comics. Ray started his interest with children’s stories when he used to read to his daughters elementary classes as a guest parent speaker. After many visits with her classes and dozens of cookies donated to each visit later, his little girl gave him the idea to write his own children’s book. With that in mind, Ray sat down and began writing with his heart to create a story dedicated to her. Build with Bricks was Ray’s first self published children story in 2020.

Ray has many other achievements that he is very proud of. He has a bachelors degree in political science and fraud/forensic science master degree in which now, allows him to be a Fraud investigator for his day time job. During his studies, he did plenty of playwrighting. Ray found his passion for writing when he wrote short stories in middle school.

When Ray is not thinking of new ideas for his next story, he likes to be family oriented. Ray likes to travel to sample new restaurants with his family. He loves playing video games and discovering new television shows. When the weather is nice, he loves taking his English Bulldog on walks. Ray listens to various podcast daily and loves reading comics.

You can find Ray on Twitter @RaymondAPrice

Sam Aston

Sam Aston is the illustrator for My Brother is a Werewolf. Sam is a tattoo artist based in the UK. She has been a licensed tattoo artist for the past 3 years in which her main focus has has been creating full colour pop culture tattoos as well as blackwork and watercolor pieces. When Sam is not tattooing one of her main hobbies is playing video games which, inspires her designs and merchandise. Otherwise you’ll find her watching horror movies!

Her artwork can vary from cute, colorful and cartoony to black and grey realism, so she tries to switch it up sometimes! This has allowed her to be versatile when working with others to create commissioned pieces such as digital artwork, t shirt designs and more recently book illustrations.

You can find Sam’s tattoos and designs over on her Instagram at: and

BigCartel merch page at:

Arin Bray

Arin Bray is the colorist for My Brother is a Werewolf. She is a disabled lesbian cartoonist. She enjoys making fantasy stories that touch on queerness, mental illness, and relationships geared towards middle-grade and young adult readers.

Arin currently lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her pets. When she’s not creating, she enjoys caring for her pets, being out in nature, and playing video games.

Please visit Arian’s website at for her social media links and information abut her current projects.



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