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Once the powerful prince of Renol, William is a shell of the man he once was. Living under the curse of a powerful witch, William has spent 100 years making deals on her behalf and mourning the loss of his first love.


Belle has spent her life confined within the limits of her city, Paylor, and is now bound to a man she does not love. When she dares to venture outside the city’s gates in search of something she’s lost, she finds more than she ever expected.

As Belle and William embark on a journey of love and mourning, passion and forgiveness, they discover that sometimes what we lose isn’t as important as what we find. 




100 years later 

Belle kept her head down as she moved through the busy market street. She took it all in: the smell of the bread, the simmer of chatter, and the freedom of the cool morning air on her skin. She mustn’t get caught.

She clenched her fists. What if she did get caught? No. She couldn’t think that way. No one would recognize her. She wore a earthly red peasant skirt, the fringes touching her ankles, her belly exposed beneath a loose cream top. Her long brown hair was left down to blow in the wind, and the red scarf tied in a band over her head was the perfect touch. She looked positively ordinary.

Once she reached the gates, she stopped and observed the posted guards. She did not dare approach and instead turned down a small alleyway. Her ruby lips betrayed a thin smile as she moved towards the boarded-up wall that surrounded her village.

“It must be fate,” she said to herself as she hurriedly moved to inspect the thin pieces of wood. A rusted nail stuck up from a weak board. The nail, was loose and she easily removed it. The wood fell with a thud to the cobbled ground, and she double-checked that no one had noticed. The alleyway was empty, and after a quick breath, she faced the wall that now had a large hole in it. Without a second thought, she pushed herself through the hole and towards freedom.

Freedom was a lot more crowded that she had anticipated. Her body was now stuck between a tree and the edges of the wall. Keeping herself pressed against the wall, she sidestepped around the blockage. She couldn’t help but look up into the canopy of green that now surrounded her. 

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About the author

Kristen Flood is an Adult Romance and YA science fiction author and poet. At twenty-two, Kristen published her first book, The Museum: A Collection of Dark Poetry. Since she has released two more books. Her third book, Twisted Beauty, is awaiting its sequel this Winter. Kristen lives in Missouri with her husband, son, and newborn baby girl. When she’s not writing or chasing her toddler she spends her time playing board games, sword fighting and planning her next adventure. Kristen plans to release two more books in 2021.


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