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Past secrets return to complicate Maisie’s future with the charming Sidney Daniels in the final installment of the Cornish romance series.

Picking up where book seven left off, Maisie’s plans to celebrate her book’s thrilling news remain on hold after Sidney has vanished from Port Hewer overnight, following a brush with his secret past. His departure leaves Maisie with a head full of questions and a heart torn in two, made even worse by the rumors flying about him through the town. Where and why has he gone? Will he ever come back again? And—foremost in Maisie’s mind—was the heartache from his younger days somehow to blame for his sudden and mysterious flight?

But when Dean convinces her that Sidney may be facing a choice that could ruin his life, Maisie must set out to find him, once again leaving behind the Cornish seaside haven of Port Hewer she’s come to think of as home, and leaving behind the answer to a secret she’s been longing to know since the beginning. Not knowing when or if she’ll return, she’s taking the biggest risk with her heart so far…and the truth she discovers waiting for her at the end of her journey will make her wonder if things can ever possibly be the same as they were before.

Questions are answered, secrets are spilled, and the biggest reveal of the series is finally unveiled as A LITTLE HOTEL IN CORNWALL reaches its exciting conclusion.

Guest Post

Favorite Things about Writing The Cornish Key to Happiness

Thank you so much to Els for letting me tell her readers about my new romance book, the eighth and final installment in my series ‘A Little Hotel in Cornwall.’ Its publication day is a bittersweet experience for me, since it means saying goodbye to characters and a world that I’ve grown to love. It’s been wonderful writing each of Maisie’s adventures, filled with laughter, romance, and plenty of twists and turns. The last book was no exception, and for this guest post I thought it might be fun to share three of my favorite things about penning The Cornish Key to Happiness.

It features a new escapist setting:

Maisie is no stranger to breathtaking locations after working as a chambermaid at the hotel Penmarrow in Cornwall. With its stunning seaside view, historic charm, and reputation for hosting elaborate and unusual events, it soon became her favorite place to be. So she doesn’t expect to find herself packing her bags and catching a train at the beginning of her latest story, even if it’s just a temporary departure. But that’s exactly what happens, and the course of her journey will lead her to a destination she never expected. One that’s grand, sprawling, and a bit Gothic in a Misselthwaite-meets-Manderley kind of way (complete with a hall of portraits and some enchanting garden pathways, no less).

The romantic tension is high:

Maisie and Sidney’s connection has been complicated at best, starting with their ‘friends only’ policy from the summer they met. A dramatic declaration of love, a temporary parting, and even a life-and-death situation have marked the various turning points in their relationship, which seemed to have finally reached an even keel at the beginning of book seven. But an unwelcome reminder from Sidney’s past has caught up with him now, threatening to pull them apart again. Decisions will have to be made, emotions confronted, and more than a few doubts erased before a happy ever after can seem possible for them again.

Old secrets are spilled:

This is, perhaps, the most thrilling part of Maisie’s final adventure, with truths coming to light about questions that have haunted her almost since the beginning of her Cornish quest. First, she must grapple with the details of Sidney’s past, as well as what it means for their future together. And then there’s the question of Alistair Davies, the literary genius Maisie hoped to meet when she first ventured across the pond. Will she finally come face to face with the one who inspired her work? Is it someone she’s known all along, incognito, as she’s began to suspect? It will be answered once and for all in the book’s final pages—and even Maisie can’t imagine how it will all come together!

If this sort of story sounds your cup of tea, I hope you’ll be sure to check out all the books in ‘A Little Hotel in Cornwall’. You can find them for just 99p/99c each at Amazon and other major eBook retailers.

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Laura Briggs is the author of several feel-good romance reads, including the Top 100 Amazon UK seller ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’. She has a fondness for vintage style dresses (especially ones with polka dots), and reads everything from Jane Austen to modern day mysteries. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, caring for her pets, gardening, and seeing the occasional movie or play.

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