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Gary Roper is a man behind a mask. 

His wife, Daisy, knows what’s underneath that mask, and finally manages to run away, to establish a new life at River View, working for Lucy Baxter. 
Roper is determined to find her, but in the meantime, he has to toe the line to his boss, gangster Terence Johns. 

The many faces of Roper are employed on his journey to find his wife, leaving chaos in his wake. In her place of security, Daisy finds firm friends and a new love, unaware that he, also, wears a mask…





Chapter 1 Norwich

Gary Roper slammed the car door and stomped into the house. “Daisy! Where’s my dinner?”

Daisy Roper appeared from the sitting-room; the sound of the television becoming slightly louder when she opened the door.

“The table’s set for you. It’s been keeping warm, you’re awfully late.” She hurried away to another room. He dumped his briefcase on the floor and kicked off his shoes, leaving them where they fell and followed her. As he entered the kitchen, she was putting two plates of food onto the table opposite each other.


She hastened to the fridge, took out a can, popped it open and placed it on the table by his right hand. He took a long drink and put it down, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand .

“I needed that.”

Daisy sidled to the chair opposite and began to eat, keeping her gaze on her plate. He watched as she raised a small bite of potato to her mouth and chewed, her head still down. She took another bite. After she’d taken several bites, he picked up his own knife and fork, and, slung them down onto the plate. She jumped at the sound of the cutlery hitting the plate.

“What’s this rubbish?” he shouted. “Hard as rock. I can’t eat it.” “You haven’t had any yet,” she replied, her eyes defiant for once. He looked shocked that she’d answered him back, but it wasn’t enough. He flung the

plate on the floor, where it broke and scattered food, gravy spattering the tiles. She stood up, an automatic reaction to his actions, then sank down again. “Your loss,” she said quietly and resumed eating.

Incensed, he grabbed her plate and flung that on the floor too. “If I don’t eat, nor do you!” he shouted.

With fear on her face, she stood before him, her blue eyes wide, her blonde hair not looking as neat as it had when he arrived. Keeping his eyes on her, he drank the rest of his beer. “Another.”

Trying to avoid the food on the floor, she moved to the fridge and handed him another beer. Snatching it, he popped it open and drank. She began to move away but he caught hold of her wrist, which stopped her immediately. Twisting her arm so she couldn’t move without causing herself further pain, he made her stand there while he drained the can. When he’d put it down, he caught hold of her chin and twisted her head so she had to look at him, for she’d tried to keep her face away.

“I’m going out. You’d better have this lot cleaned up before I come back. And – don’t – serve – me – rubbish again, do you hear me?” With every word, he shook her face, gripping her chin tightly while she gazed at him with frightened eyes. “Do you hear me?” he said again and she nodded slightly within the little movement he allowed her. He flung her away from him and she fell on the floor on top of the scattered food.

“You’re pathetic, do you know that?” he sneered. “Oh, and I have to go on a trip tomorrow. Have my bag ready by the time I come back.”

He slipped his shoes on again, and left the house, slamming the door behind him.

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I’m a lifetime bookworm! From reading to my children to now creating stories of my own, books have always been a large, important part of my life. Those who have read my stories have enjoyed them, so I finally decided to inflict them upon the world in general. Some of them are ghostly tales, combined with loveable characters and interesting situations which make them ghost stories with a difference. However, I also write children’s stories, the first of which, ‘Robin’s Ring’ is published and I’m working on another Robin story. My new series, The River View Series, presents mild mysteries with a difference – and are set in my beloved Herefordshire. Much to our youngest daughter’s disgust, I love old buildings, castles, mansions, historical places, especially ruined buildings and they are often the inspiration for my stories. My retirement from my job as a teaching assistant has given me the opportunity to indulge my love of writing and I ask for no more than to give pleasure to my readers. When not writing, I’m making cards, singing in a ladies’ choir, doing Family History and all sorts of other things. I am married to Tony, a retired teacher, and we have six children and seven grandchildren. We live near Nottingham, England.


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