Lola and her Veggie Friends by Sherri Hardey / #Spotlight #CBmarketing2022

Lola goes for a Health Check

While parents know the importance of doctor’s checkups, it can be very difficult to convince young children to go willingly.
Since going to the doctor is an unavoidable part of a child’s life, you need to find a way to make this activity more fun. For instance, you can share this story about Lola going to the doctor to reassure your child that going for checkups will make them feel better.

This book follows the tale of Lola, a young girl with a very special secret. Some time ago, she was visited by a group of veggie friends who taught her the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.
Unfortunately, Lola has forgotten that important lesson over time. In this second book, Lola stops eating vegetables and becomes constipated! When Lola tells her mum that she feels sick, Mum takes Lola to the doctor and Lola gets very scared. Then another group of veggie friends comes just in time to help Lola out.
To discover how Lola conquers her fear, get this book now!



About the author 

Sherri Hardey creates Children’s books that can teach children about health and wellness in a fun way! Her engaging stories make kids more interested in their health.

Her stories have been designed to encourage healthy habits in children through the use of engaging characters, relatable storylines, and positive messages.

She aims to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing by addressing the pillars of health- Good Diet and nutrition, adequate and healthy sleep, exercise and physical activity, avoidance of stress and anxiety.

She believes Children should feel good and happy, build self-confidence and self-belief and maintain resilience.

Each book is filled with colourful illustrations that will keep your child entertained while they learn how to live a healthier life.


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