Benjamin Jones: The Call of The Shaman by Asa Rodriguez / #SpotlightPost @Thegodwithin1

Book 1
This story is about the epic journey of a boy, from a simple orphan into forces beyond comprehension. 

It is a detail account of the clash between light and dark forces. 

Ben, a 12-year-old orphan boy, must discover himself, what happened to his parents, his shamanic powers and legacy.  He might be the reincarnation of an ancient demigod, a Wolf Boy hero emerging from ancient Sumer (Sumeria).  But this quest won’t be easy, because there will be dark forces, ghouls, necro creatures, curses, and much more against him.

In this quest, joined by his friends, he will also be guided by visons of his father, a great shaman.  And he will have to recover a sacred artifact called ‘The Sphere of Truth and Wisdom.’  This orb holds the wisdom and magic of all shamans past.  This orb also holds the capacity to open a portal into the spiritual world.



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Thank you, Asa Rodriguez


About the author

Asa was born in Argentina in 1981. He was born in the LDS (Mormon) religion. When he came to United States, where he resides now, he suffered many obstacles after his father died of painful pancreatitis in a Houston, Texas, hospital. Years after struggle, he moved to Utah state with his two little brothers and loving mother. Now he lives in Provo, Utah, and enjoys the deeper understanding of the human experience in life. He enjoys meditation, exercise, painting, research, healthy eating, among others.

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