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The horse galloped along the vast plains [note: do they have plains in Wyoming? Ask Google later] but Bella Rose barely noticed the incredible scenery as it flashed by. Instead, her mind was churning with the feelings that Daxx had aroused in her. [Note: good use of word ‘aroused’. Subtly suggests something sensual without being too obvious.]

Hannah Thompson has never actually been to Wyoming. Whilst her husband Nick has tried to tell her that you’re meant to write what you know, Hannah is certain that if that were the case then we’d never have books like Harry Potter. And anyway, where else would she set her ranch-based erotica?!

Tired of only being recognized as ‘mom’ by her family, and wanting to totally reinvent herself, Hannah has decided to turn her hand to writing a book. Not just any book either, but an erotic novel that will not only release her creativity, but earn her tons of money and reclaim her female identity. Easy right?




What a way to start the new year! I love romantic comedies and this one really made me smile, even laugh out loud from time to time.

It’s true what the title says. Being a woman is often so much more than just being a mom. Your family counts on you, but you also have to do your job in the best possible way and you want some time just for being you too.

Hannah finds herself in the most hilarious situations (well, hilarious for the readers that is. From her point of view they are quite embarrassing sometimes) whilst trying to watch out for her teenaged son and daughter and she wants to protect her younger son from picking up certain things.(and failing)

Hannah decides to do something for herself. Will people appreciate her efforts or will she be the laughing stock?

In my opinion this was a very good description of a family’s daily life. Of course there are some things going on that are less common, but overall I thought it was very accurate. Siblings arguing, but sticking together when needed, teenagers making fun of their parents but not with the intention of hurting them, parents supporting each other and their children,…

It’s a wonderful story that I enjoyed very much. 5 stars

Thank you, Rebecca Smith and One More Chapter


About the author

Rebecca was born in Chester, England in the same year as the three-day week, the world population hitting 4 billion and McDonalds opening their first UK restaurant. Her mother educated her on a diet of T Rex, Adam and the Ants, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and she grew up thinking that Frank Zappa was her dad (sadly untrue). She studied at Exeter University during the heyday of Blur, Oasis, The Offspring and The Spice Girls, when life was sweet and everything cost £1 and has had a variety of jobs that have taken her to some very interesting places, including four years teaching in a Category C male prison.

Rebecca has been attempting to parent since the start of the millennium and currently lives in South-West England with her husband and three children. When not working her day job or frantically writing, she can often be found either engaged in the fruitless pursuit of trying to find a bra that genuinely does its job or the less frustrating pastime of drinking prosecco.

More Than Just Mum is her adult debut.



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