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Flawed, tough, unbreakable….

In the aftermath of her husband’s shocking murder, Patsy Diamond wants answers. Who was Nick really? Where is all his money? And who killed the man she once loved? Patsy knows exactly who to go to first – Nick’s pregnant mistress, Natasha.

Natasha might seem young and innocent, but Patsy’s certain the girl is hiding something. And the only way to find out what is to keep Natasha close and make her part of the Diamond family.

With the two women forming an unlikely bond, they begin to dig deeper into Nick’s secret life and discover things that shock…and terrify them.

Because Nick Diamond played a deadly game and if the women in his life want payback, then they are going to have to follow his rules – or break them and make their own.

But the strongest diamonds are created under pressure and these women are no exception…




Gangland crime. It truly is one of my favourite kind of thrillers. This means of course when I see there is a blog tour announced for such a book, my fingers cannot hold still. I just have to read it. I feel like a piece of metal attracted by this huge magnet. 😉 I am lost.

This author is a new one to me. I know I should feel ashamed, but who does not know it: so many books and so little time? Exactly. I am part of that gang too (pun intended). 😉

So I am a novice in Gillian Godden land and I was curious to find out if it would be a place to be and more important to stay for me. Other people can gush about books or authors and why not. I am always intrigued to find out what is so amazing and if I am about to gush about them in the future too. Will I or will I not join the fan club?

Apparently it’s the second book of the series, Diamond Geezer being the first one. I don’t mind not starting with the first book. The author gave some little snippets of information where needed allowing a reader like me, to be able to follow what went on in the past. The details given are just enough to make you curious about the previous book too, wanting to devour it as well. Nice 😉

Nick is out of the picture, killed by (did you honestly think I was going to reveal that?! Lol) someone. Patsy, his wife, is left behind with more questions than answers and she is determined to find out everything she wants to know. And that is a lot, because she realises she did not know her husband at all.

She is not the only one who is seeking answers, but the baddies think she knows it all. Patsy has to watch her back whilst on the quest and she does have a strange bunch of allies. And allies are there to have your back and for you to depend on, right…

It’s true Patsy did not know Nick at all, but I wonder would Nick (if he still could do so) have sworn he knew his wife?

Good story and I am looking forward to the next book. 4 stars

Thank you


About the author

Gillian Godden is a brilliantly reviewed writer of gangland fiction as well as a full-time NHS Key Worker in Hull. She lived in London for over thirty years, where she sets her thrillers, and during this time worked in various stripper pubs and venues which have inspired her stories.


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