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The Winter Series #3

It is darkest before the dawn..

A hunt to the death. An all-seeing executioner. An unlikely hero.

From the author of the #1 best selling Audible Thriller of the Year comes a totally gripping crime thriller with heart-pounding suspense.

A New York Senator is being hunted.

With the world watching, she has been chosen as Colosseum’s next victim. No one can look away from the chilling new reality show, which awards a huge cash prize to the first person to assassinate its target. No-where is safe. No-one can be trusted. But just when her brutal death seems inevitable, an arrogant 21-year-old arrives from London to protect her. Now Winter is all that stands between the Senator and Colosseum. As dawn creeps in, time is running out for Winter to unravel the riddle at the heart of this sinister game: who is the shadowy Adjudicator of Colosseum, and what is his ultimate purpose?

Meet Winter: she’s the audacious, hyper-intelligent GCHQ agent with more notches on her bed post than James Bond and more hacking cred than Lisbeth Salander. Winter Dawn is the beginning of the Winter series, journeying back to the start of her story. This time, she’s grappling with Colosseum: a sinister online phenomenon that has gripped the world. It promises a massive cash prize to the successful hunter of its victims, unleashing an unstoppable tide of violence – and the world’s authorities are powerless to prevent it.

When a New York Senator is targeted, Winter is called in to protect her. But with all the world watching, there’s nowhere to hide. No one has ever survived Colosseum. It’s the winter solstice, and as they journey together into the dark heart of the longest night, they soon discover that nothing about Colosseum is what it seems. There are rules, and there is a purpose, if only they can solve the riddle in time. Colosseum is more than a hunt: it’s a challenge. Targets must face their darkest fear or die at dawn.




This is book 3 as well as book 0 in the series. Weird, I hear you saying. Well, yes and no. Let me explain. 🙂

It’s book 3 because it takes us on a new adventure with Winter as the leading lady, but it’s book 0 because she also takes us back to where it all started.

When you think about the name ‘Summer’, you picture a sunny person. When you come across the name ‘Winter’, you think it must be a cold, heartless person. I admit this Winter sometimes acts like that, but don’t we all from time to time hide our true personality for whatever reason?

We also see glimpse from the other side of her character and I can assure you she can be as hard as diamond, but soft as butter too.

I am so happy that I am not a famous person. At least now I won’t be picked to be the prey…

I enjoyed this book, but it was not my favourite one of the series. In my opinion the other two books have more raw emotions and touched my heart a lot more and deeper. 4,5 stars

Thank you, Alex Callister and R&R Book Tours


About the author

Alex has spent her career charting the rise of the internet and is fascinated by the dark web and its potential to facilitate crime. An action movie fan, her books are full of cult references.

Her kick-ass heroine, Winter, was inspired by Bond, Bourne, John Wick, Vin Diesel, Jack Reacher and many others.

Alex has a history degree, a certificate in creative writing and a murderous imagination. She writes when she gets a chance, which is mainly at night between 10pm and 2am at home in London, with her three Bengal tigers.


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